The Alliance tower is a tower that is located next to your Troop Academy, and your Throne Room. With your Alliance Tower you can:
  • Join an Alliance
  • Create an Alliance
  • Join Alliance Wars
  • See War Season History of Alliance Wars
  • Donate gold to your alliance and see how much gold other members have donated
  • Chat with other Alliance members
  • View the Elite Boosts
  • Request and donate Insta-Troops
  • Have Ninjas/Zombies/Yetis in Defense


You can donate to your Alliance in the Alliance Tower. The standard donation is 1K, but when you upgrade your Alliance Tower, the donation limit will be increased. After donating, there is a cooldown of 24 hours before you can donate again. From the Alliance's gold, the Alliance's leader can buy eliteboosts or upgrade the alliance. If your Alliance Tower is upgraded, the 24 hours donation cooldown timer resets. When you can donate, a yellow light comes out of the Alliance Tower.

Elite BoostsEdit

Elite Boosts are enhancements that upgrade defense buildings, or units. They mostly get a huge increase of health, and some other special power. New eliteboosts are unlocked as your Alliance's level gets higher.

The owner of an alliance can purchase eliteboosts from the alliance's gold. Only the leader and generals can use the alliance gold for it, and if there is not enough gold, no eliteboost can be activated. All players can pay real money to activate an eliteboost. The gold that's left, will be transported into the alliance's gold storage. Eliteboosts only last for a few hours, but they can be extendend the same way as they're activated.




Max Donation Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time





1 Throne Room lvl 2 Gold 1K Gem 1 Time 2m Time 30s Insta-TroopSlot Knight
2 Gold 2K Gem 2 Time 10m Time 28s Insta-TroopSlot Archer
3 Gold 5K Gem 5 Time 1h Time 26s Insta-TroopSlot Paladin
4 Throne Room lvl 4 Gold 10K Gem 15 Time 3h Time 25s Insta-TroopSlot Froster
5 Throne Room lvl 5 Gold 20K Gem 50 Time 6h Time 24s Insta-TroopSlot Cannon
6 Gold 50K Gem 100 Time 12h Time 23s Insta-TroopSlot Ogre
7 Throne Room lvl 6 Gold 75K Gem 250 Time 1d Time 22s Insta-TroopSlot Pyromancer
8 Throne Room lvl 7 Gold 100K Gem 500 Time 1d 12h Time 21s Insta-TroopSlot Gargoyle
9 Throne Room lvl 8 Gold 150K Gem 1K Time 2d Time 20s Insta-TroopSlot Arblaster
10 Throne Room lvl 9 Gold 250K Gem 2K Time 2d 12h Time 19s Insta-TroopSlot Mummy
11 Gold 500K Gem 4K Time 3d Time 18s Insta-TroopSlot Mortar
12 Gold 750K Gem 6K Time 4d 12h Time 17s Insta-TroopSlot Werewolf
13 Throne Room lvl 10 Gold 1,000K Gem 8K Time 5d Time 16s Insta-TroopSlot Monk
14 Throne Room lvl 11 Gold 1,250K Gem 8K Time 6d Time 15s Insta-TroopSlot Necromancer 
15 Throne Room lvl 12 Gold 1,500K Gem 8K Time 7d Time 14s Insta-TroopSlot Viking

Extra Donation CostsEdit

Aside from regular donations, players can make larger donations by spending real money on their alliance. Extra donations are often made by alliance leaders who want to invest in their alliance. Players can do the same, but have less incentive to do so if an alliance is impersonal and they can be kicked at any time.

Depending on their alliance tower's level, extra donations become bigger and more expensive, but also more cost effective. The number of extra donations isn't limited by the game.

Extra donation costs depend on a player's currency and may change over time due to price changes, handling fees, and currency fluctuations.

Alliance Tower Level  1 - 4 5 - 6 7 - 8 9 - 15


Gold 200K Gold 500K Gold 1M Gold 2M
Cost in EUR €0,89 €1,99 €2,99 €4,99
Cost in USD $0,99 $1,99 $2,99 $4,99
Cost in DKK Kr 6,62 Kr 14,80  Kr 22,24 Kr 37,12
Cost in JPY ¥ 115,80 ¥ 258,92 ¥ 389,04 ¥ 649,27
Cost in VND ₫ 23,54 ₫ 52,65 ₫ 79,11 ₫ 132,02

You can skip the recovery time of 24h by paying 100 gems.

Gem Donation CostsEdit

If you have spent real money in-game to buy gems, you'll get a new option on the donation tab that will allow you to donate gold to your alliance by spending gems. How much you can donate by gems depends on your alliance tower level.

Donation Level

Gold Donated Gems Cost Requirement
1 Gold 500K Gem 200 Alliance Tower Level 1-4
2 Gold 1M Gem 350 Alliance Tower Level 5-6
3 Gold 2M Gem 500 Alliance Tower Level 7-8
4 Gold 4M Gem 750 Alliance Tower Level 9-12
5 Gold 8M Gem 900 Alliance Tower Level 13-15