When you need to do real damage to your opponent this scroll will do the job.

The Armageddon scroll does a lot of damage to all near enemies in a very big range. It basically works like the Apocalypse scroll, but deals a lot more damage in a bigger area.

Armageddon level 3 and 4 can kill max Frenzy Frost Blaster .

The armageddon is practically the definitive weapon in the game, it will destroy everything on its range, and that's the weakness of this Scroll... It won't do too much damage againts structures and enemies that are too far from the player.

Due to its amazing amount of damage, It can cause a massive damage to the "Castle Gate", due to its expensive cost, is highly recommended to use it on the Castle Gate specially if you are running out of time...


Level Damage Cooldown Cost Requirement
1 NormalDamage 6,750 Countdown 60.00s Gem 10 Wizard's Tower lvl 9
2 NormalDamage 8,708 Countdown 55.00s Gem 12 Hero Level 62
3 NormalDamage 11,233 Countdown 50.00s Gem 14 Hero Level 82
4 NormalDamage 14,490 Countdown 45.00s Gem 15 Hero Level 102
5 NormalDamage 19,068 Countdown 40.00s Gem 16 Hero Level 105
6 NormalDamage 24,929 Countdown 40.00s Gem 16 Hero Level 108
7 NormalDamage 28,143 Countdown 40.00s Gem 16 Hero Level 112