Extra power for your troops. Makes them faster, increases their damage, and removes slow and panic effects.


Of questionable use. While nice it doesn't really last long enough to be of any great effect. Although it could give you the extra power to tear down your enemy's castle the Apocalypse might be a better way to do so.

Levels Edit

Level Duration Cooldown Gem Cost Requirement
1 Countdown 15.00s Countdown 50.00s Gem 1 Wizard's Tower lvl 3
2 Countdown 15.25s Countdown 45.00s Gem 2 Hero Level 9
3 Countdown 15.50s Countdown 40.00s Gem 3 Hero Level 18
4 Countdown 15.75s Countdown 35.00s Gem 4 Hero Level 27
5 Countdown 16.00s Countdown 30.00s Gem 5 Hero Level 36
6 Countdown 16.25s Countdown 28.00s Gem 6 Hero Level 45
7 Countdown 16.50s Countdown 26.00s Gem 7 Hero Level 54
8 Countdown 16.75s Countdown 24.00s Gem 8 Hero Level 63
9 Countdown 17.00s Countdown 22.00s Gem 9 Hero Level 72
10 Countdown 17.25s Countdown 20.00s Gem 10 Hero Level 81
11 Countdown 17.50s Countdown 20.00s Gem 10 Hero Level