The Blacksmith is a Non playable character (NPC), but became known as a new building introduced in November 2015 in Update 1.9.5. The main benefits to have the Blacksmith are essentially four:

  • Melt down unused Hero-Items allowing you to earn Pearls in return
  • Increase stats of Hero-items by upgrading them with Pearls
  • Unlock a third stat (Perk) only with the new rarity-level: Uber
  • You can upgrade towers, obstacles, and spells by increasing additionally their range bonus, attack bonus, etc

Royal Revolt 2 - Tutorial Blacksmith

Royal Revolt 2 - Tutorial Blacksmith

The table shows the cost and time needed to upgrade the Blacksmith workshop:

Level Requirement

Meltdown Time per Pearl

Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Boost Duration
1 Throne Room level 4 Time 40m Gold 5K Time 2m IconBoostDuration 8h
2 Time 37m Gold 25K Time 10m IconBoostDuration 8h
3 Time 34m Gold 50K Time 1h IconBoostDuration 8h
4 Throne Room level 5 Time 31m Gold 100K Time 3h IconBoostDuration 8h
5 Time 28m Gold 250K Time 6h IconBoostDuration 8h
6 Throne Room level 6 Time 25m Gold 500K Time 12h IconBoostDuration 8h
7 Time 21m Gold 1M Time 18h IconBoostDuration 8h
8 Throne Room level 7 Time 18m Gold 2M Time 1d IconBoostDuration 8h
9 Time 15m Gold 4M Time 2d IconBoostDuration 8h
10 Throne Room level 8 Time 13m Gold 7M Time 2d 12h IconBoostDuration 8h
11 Throne Room level 9 Time 10m Gold 9M Time 3d IconBoostDuration 8h
12 Throne Room level 10 Time 9m 10s Gold 11M Time 4d IconBoostDuration 8h
13 Time 8m 20s* Gold 13M* Time 5d IconBoostDuration 8h
14 Throne Room level 11 Time 8m 15s* Gold 15M* Time 6d 12h IconBoostDuration 8h
15 Throne Room level 12 Time 7m 50s Gold 15M Time 7d IconBoostDuration 8h

Melting down itemsEdit

The blacksmith can melt down items to generate pearls. Melting down items costs gold and takes time. It cannot be done while the blacksmith is being upgraded. Starting out, the blacksmith provides one melting slot. Additional slots can be bought with gems, which becomes expensive fast.

Additional slots do not enable the blacksmith to melt down items in parallel. Instead, they can be used to queue up several items so that the player doesn't have to check back as often. The gold to melt down an item has to be paid when an item is added to the queue. Items can be removed from the queue, but there's no gold refund.

The number of pearls an item is worth depends on the item's gold value. The number of pearls that could be obtained from an item is shown when selecting items to melt down. The gold cost of melting down that item depends on how good that items is, as well as the amount of pearls.

Each pearl takes a certain time when an item is melted down. This time mainly depends on the blacksmith's level (between 40 and 7'50 minutes), but is also reduced when new slots are bought (by up to 7'30 minutes). With everything maximized, the time per pearl is 20 seconds. As usual, melting time can be skipped with gems.

With additional slots, pearl conversion also goes up, meaning that each item provides more pearls, but also takes longer to melt down. With all eight slots pearl conversion reaches 600%, meaning the number of resulting pearls is multiplied by six.

Slot Time reduction per pearl Total time reduction Added pearl conversion Total pearl conversion Cost Ratio Pearl to Gold - Item to Sell Pearls per 100k Gold Sell Value
Meltslot 1 Pearl 100% Pearl 1:25,000 Gold Pearl 4
Meltslot 2 Time -30s Time -30s Pearl +25% Pearl 125% Gem 10 Pearl 1:20,000 Gold Pearl 5
Meltslot 3 Time -30s Time -1m Pearl +25% Pearl 150% Gem 100 Pearl 1:16,667 Gold Pearl 6
Meltslot 4 Time -1m Time -2m Pearl +50% Pearl 200% Gem 1K Pearl 1:12,500 Gold Pearl 8
Meltslot 5 Time -1m Time -3m Pearl +50% Pearl 250% Gem 2.5K Pearl 1:10,000 Gold Pearl 10
Meltslot 6 Time -1m 10s Time -4m 10s Pearl +50% Pearl 300% Gem 5K Pearl 1:8,333 Gold Pearl 12
Meltslot 7 Time -1m 40s Time -5m 50s Pearl +100% Pearl 400% Gem 7.5K Pearl 1:6,250 Gold Pearl 16
Meltslot 8 Time -1m 40s Time -7m 30s Pearl +200% Pearl 600% Gem 10K Pearl 1:4,167 Gold Pearl 24

As a player gets more meltdown slots, pearl production becomes more and more efficient. However, pearl conversion and time reduction do not improve at the same pace.

For a fully upgraded Blacksmith, the meltdown time per pearl is reduced to just 20 seconds with the final meltdown slot – a 4% of the original 8:20 minutes (500 seconds). With this, pearl production per hour goes up from 7.2 pearls to 180 pearls, which equals 2500% of the original value. At the same time, pearl conversion only improves to 600%.

This disparate improvement has consequences for the item consumption. The effect becomes clear when looking at a single item: An item that yields one pearl with no additional slots requires 8:20 minutes to melt down. With all slots, it yields six pearls, but the entire item only requires 2:00 minutes.

Since pearls can be generated 25 times as fast but items only yield six times as many, this means that more items are needed to keep the Blacksmith going. In essence, players who want to get the most out of the Blacksmith, not only have to invest 10,000 gems, but also have to play much more to supply the necessary items.

Note: The Blacksmith's meltdown time per pearl can currently be increased 2x by watching an advertisement, or paying Gem 30. To understand more about this, check the IconBoostDuration Production Boost page.

Upgrading Hero-ItemsEdit

When upgrading a Hero-item you can choose the Main-Stat or a Perk to improve when the upgrade succeeds.

There is a certain chance that an upgrade will succeed. The success rate is very high at the beginning and reduces with each successful upgrade.

After each successful upgrade the forged item needs to cooldown a bit, and thus cannot be upgraded for some time, however the improved item can be used in battle instantly.

You can see the chance to get a determinate perks by tapping on a little “i” button attached to empty slots, one gets a detailed list of perks and the chance to roll them in this slot.

The Pearl price for starting the upgrade-process depends on the Item-level and the amount of successful upgrades for this item.

Forge System ChancesEdit

Attempts Cooldown Time Success Chance Fail Chance Item Value Gold Increment



+1 1h30 ButtonConfirm 75% ButtonCancel 25% Gold +250
+2 2h40 ButtonConfirm 62,5% ButtonCancel 37,5% Gold +500
+3 8h00 ButtonConfirm 50% ButtonCancel 50% Gold +750
+4 16h00 ButtonConfirm 45% ButtonCancel 55% Gold +1,000
+5 1d 00h ButtonConfirm 40% ButtonCancel 60% Gold +1,250
+6 1d 06h ButtonConfirm 35% ButtonCancel 65% Gold +1,500
+7 1d 16h ButtonConfirm 30% ButtonCancel 70% Gold +1,750
+8 2d 02h ButtonConfirm 25% ButtonCancel 75% Gold +2,000
+9 2d 12h ButtonConfirm 20% ButtonCancel 80% Gold +2,250
+10 2d 22h ButtonConfirm 18% ButtonCancel 82% Gold +2,500
+11 3d 08h ButtonConfirm 17% ButtonCancel 83% Gold +2,750
+12 3d 18h ButtonConfirm 16% ButtonCancel 84% Gold +3,000
+13 4d 04h ButtonConfirm 15% ButtonCancel 85% Gold +3,250
+14 4d 14h ButtonConfirm 14% ButtonCancel 86% Gold +3,500
+15 5d 00h ButtonConfirm 13% ButtonCancel 87% Gold +3,750
+16 5d 10h ButtonConfirm 12% ButtonCancel 88% Gold +4,000
+17 5d 20h ButtonConfirm 11,5% ButtonCancel 88,5% Gold +4,250
+18 6d 06h ButtonConfirm 11% ButtonCancel 89% Gold +4,500
+19 6d 16h ButtonConfirm 10,5% ButtonCancel 89,5% Gold +4,750
+20 7d 20h ButtonConfirm 10% ButtonCancel 90% Gold +5,000
+ 8d 08h ButtonConfirm 10% ButtonCancel 90% Gold +5,000



Any upgrade level ButtonConfirm 100% ButtonCancel 0%

After you upgrade successfully a tower, spell, etc, that can be gained with the 1st or 2nd attempt, you will start again with the First Attempt with the success and fail chances.

For example, I have an item that has been upgraded +10 times. If I want to upgrade to +11, I will have for the first attempt a chance of 17% or a fail of 83%. If I guess the 17% of success you start again with the First Attempt, instead if you fail, the second attempt will be 100% sure successful.




Uber Items will always have 2 Perks. Other items can only have 1 Perk.

The Perks will be chosen randomly and each Perk can only appear on 2-3 Item types (e.g. Life Drain will mainly appear on weapons). Some Perks require a minimum Hero-level to appear.

Here a video-tutorial about all the Perks of Blacksmith:

Royal revolt 2 - Tutorial Perks General Tips!

Royal revolt 2 - Tutorial Perks General Tips!

Below in the tables are listed all the possible third perks available from the blacksmith after getting access to the uber level for the desired item:

General PerksEdit

Perk Name Item Lvl
Description Slots and Chances
Helmet Cape Armor Pauldrons Weapon Gauntlets Ring Belt Shoes
Health Hero Health None Increases the Hero's health. 28% 30%
IconLeadershipBoost Leadership Boost None Increases the speed at which your Morale recharges in battle. 20% 33% 50% 33% 8%
IconScreamBoost Scream Boost None Reduces the cooldown of the hero scream. 30% 50% 25% 33% 8%
IconSpeedBoost Speed Boost None Increases the Hero's movement speed. 41%
PerkLifeDrain Life Drain None The Hero heals himself each time he hits the enemy. 19% 27% 18%
PerkFarmer Farmer None Decreases the Food cost of battles. 18% 13%
PerkSlowdown Slowdown 90 Slows down all enemies in battle. 6%
PerkXPBoost XP Boost None Increases the amounf of XP you gain in battle. 20% 19% 18% 25% 24%
IconStartMorale Start Morale 60 Increases the initial amount of morale in a battle. 27% 20%
PerkSkullBonus Skull Bonus 80

Adds a bonus to Skulls gained in war battles.

This does not affect skulls found in the Chamber of Fortune.

6% 6% 8%
PerkLuck Luck 70 Increases the chance of finding treasures in the Chamber of Fortune. 12% 16% 16%
IconGoldBoost Gold Boost None Increases the total amount of gold won in battle. 10% 16% 25% 33% 8%

Special PerksEdit

These are special perks which can be obtained only through the acquirement of specific Hero's gears during some Festivals and they can be found afterwards in the Uber Chests after a festival finishes.

Perk Name Description Where you can find these Perks
Helmet Cape Armor Pauldrons Weapon Gauntlets Ring Belt Boots
PerkMercBoost Merc Boost Increases the toughness and attack power of event troops. Yes Yes
PerkInsta-TroopCooldown Insta-Troop Cooldown Decreases the Insta-Troop Cooldown in battle. Yes Yes Yes
PiercingResistance Piercing Shield Increases the resistance against Piercing damage. Yes Yes
NormalResistance Shield Shield reduces the amount of normal damage you receive. Yes Yes
IceResistance Ice Resistance Ice Resistance reduces the amount of ice damage you receive. Yes
FireResistance Fire Resistance Fire Resistance reduces the amount of fire damage you receive. Yes Yes
PerkHeroScreamTroopSpeed Hero Scream Troop Speed Increases the troops' speed after using the Hero Scream. Yes
PerkScreamAttackRate(Hero) Scream Attack Rate (Hero) Increases the Hero's attack rate after using the Hero Scream. Yes Yes
IconAttackRate Attack Rate Increases the Hero's Attack Rate. Yes Yes Yes
PerkSlowAura Slow Aura The Hero is surrounded by a slow aura. Yes
PerkPoisonAura Poison Aura The Hero is surrounded by a toxic aura. Yes
PerkFearAura Fear Aura The Hero is surrounded by a fear aura. Yes
PerkEasterEggAura Easter Egg Aura The Hero is surrounded by an easter egg aura. Yes
PerkFireAura Fire Aura The Hero is surrounded by a fire aura. Yes
PerkHealAura Heal Aura The Hero is surrounded by a healing aura. Yes
PerkSonicBlastAura Sonic Blast Aura The Hero is surrounded by a sonic blast aura. Yes
PerkLifeDrainAura Life Drain Aura The Hero is surrounded by a life drain aura. Yes
PerkBlizzardAura Blizzard Aura The Hero is surrounded by a blizzard aura. Yes
PerkBombKickAura Bomb Kick Aura Bombs near the Hero are being kicked back automatically. Yes
PiercingDamage Piercing Damage Adds piercing damage to your weapon strikes in battle. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
IconCriticalHit Critical Hit Increases your Critical Hit chance. Yes
PerkMedalBoost Medal Boost Earn more Tournament Medals per battle. Yes Yes
IconPalDamage Pal Damage Increases the attack power of your pal. Yes
IconIntimidate Intimidate Chance Adds a % chance to intimidate enemies with your weapon strikes in battle. Yes Yes
IconPetrify Petrify Chance Adds a % chance to petrify enemies with your weapon strikes in battle. Yes
IconInfection Infection Chance Adds a % chance to infect enemies with your weapon strikes in battle. Yes
IconTranslocation Translocation Chance Adds a % chance to translocate enemies with your weapon strikes in battle. Yes
StunNeutral Stun Chance Adds a % chance to stun enemies with your weapon strikes in battle. Yes
LightningDamage Lightning Chance Adds a % chance to electrify enemies with your weapon strikes in battle. Yes
IconFear Fear Chance Adds a % chance to fear enemies with your weapon strikes in battle. Yes
IconConfusion Confusion Chance Adds a % chance to confuse enemies with your weapon strikes in battle. Yes

Troops Health PerksEdit

Increases the toughness of name troop.
Troops Health Perks will increase the health for the selected troop.

Perk Troop Item Lvl Req. Slots and Chances
Helmet Cape Armor Pauldrons Weapon Gauntlets Ring Belt Boots
Health Bonus
IconKnight 22 9% 10%
IconArcher 22 9% 10%
IconPaladin 22 4% 5%
IconFroster 22 9% 10%
IconOgre 22 9% 8%
IconCannon 22 10% 8%
IconPyromancer 35 10% 8%
IconMortar 55 5% 4%
IconArblaster 45 10% 8%
IconMummy 40 9% 8%
IconWerewolf 50 9% 8%
IconMonk 55 9% 8%

Troops Damage PerksEdit

Increases the name troop attack power.
Troops Damage Perks will increase the damage for the selected troop.

Perk Troop Item Lvl Req. Slots and Chances
Helmet Cape Armor Pauldrons Weapon Gauntlets Ring Belt Boots
Damage Bonus
IconKnight 22 6% 9%
IconArcher 22 6% 9%
IconPaladin 22 3% 4%
IconFroster 22 6% 9%
IconOgre 22 6% 6%
IconCannon 22 9% 6%
IconPyromancer 35 9% 6%
IconMortar 55 4% 3%
IconArblaster 45 9% 6%
IconMummy 40 6% 6%
IconGargoyle 25 6% 6%
IconWerewolf 50 6% 6%
IconMonk 55 6% 9%

Spells PerksEdit

Increases the (main) power of the name spell.
For offensive spells, perks increase the main damage for the selected spell. For defensive spells, their main power (healing or shield) is increased. For Black Magic, perks can also increase shadow morale.

Perk Spell Item Lvl Req. Slots and Chances
Helmet Cape Armor Pauldrons Weapon Gauntlets Ring Belt Boots
Damage Bonus
Hammerstrike 22 9% 6%
ToxicCloud 22 3% 4%
Firestorm 22 6% 8%
Swordrain 22 3% 4%
Heal 30 9% 6%
Blizzard 35 9% 8%
Shield 40 9% 6%
Bladestorm 45 6% 8%
SonicBlast 50 9% 8%
BlackMagic 55 9% 8%


Blacksmith Level Additional Runes for each Slot
1 Rune 0
2 Rune 0
3 Rune 0
4 Rune 1
5 Rune 1
6 Rune 1
7 Rune 2
8 Rune 2
9 Rune 2
10 Rune 3
11 Rune 3
12 Rune 3
13 Rune 4
14 Rune 4
15 Rune 5

Required Throne Room Level Edit

Category Rune Required
Throne Room Level
Items All Hero Items Upgrade 6
Units Increased Health Upgrade 6
Increased Damage Upgrade 6
Increased Speed Upgrade 6
Increased Attack Rate Upgrade 6
Increased Range Upgrade 6
Knight: Fearless Upgrade 7
Werewolf: Leader of the Pack Upgrade 9
Ogre: Vacuum Upgrade 11
Archer: Huntsman Upgrade
Mortar: Toxicity Upgrade
Spells Reduced Cooldown Upgrade 6
Increased Power Upgrade 7
Hammerstrike: Aftershock Upgrade 9
Black Magic: Dark Lich Upgrade
Sonic Blast: Vortex Upgrade 10
Earthquake: Epicenter Upgrade
Obstacles Increased Health Upgrade 6
Increased Power Upgrade 6
Skull Tower: Megabomb Upgrade 8
Barricade: Volatility Upgrade 7
Blockade: Protection Upgrade 9
Firebolt Tower: Suppression Upgrade 7
Arrow Tower: Bullseye Upgrade
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