Here you can publish your own strategy guides to Royal Revolt 2. Simply add a page to the Wiki with your strategy and place a link on this page in the appropriate category. Also put the approximate level of throne room to implement the strategy.

Attack Edit

Best way to use your spells

Best offensive units (tutorial and strategies)

Tips and tricks for your king (tutorial montage)

Shapeshifter hollow 3 (recorded 11 february 2015)

Protect The Lone Cannon

Defeating Phoebe - For mid & high level players, without boosted troops

Defense Edit

How to build trap / unreacheables towers

How to set up your barricades / blockades

Bases Reviews Edit

x_addict_x's Base Review by Phunax

Base Designs: Staircase of Death (Requires throne room level 7) by Phunax

How to Build an Effective Defense (Requires throne room level 7) by Phunax

Tournaments Edit

The Fifth Star – Winning Diamond League by KingMartin123

Kingdom Management Edit

General Tips from Flare Games

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