Obstacles are a way to slow down attackers while towers and troops do more damage. They can only be placed on the pathway itself. They work best in combination with towers.

Obstacles StatisticsEdit

Obstacles Damage Resistances Weaknesses
Barricade Barricade PoisonDamage 90% PiercingDamage 75% BluntDamage 100% ▼ FireDamage 200% ▼
Blockade Blockade PoisonDamage 90% PiercingDamage 75% BluntDamage 100% ▼ IceDamage 100% ▼
Spike Spikes PiercingDamage Piercing NormalDamage 100% PiercingDamage 100%
JesterBox Jester Box BluntDamage Blunt


There are two types of blockages, the Barricade and the Blockade. The barricade is basically a cheaper alternative to the blockade. Both stop attackers (except for werewolves) from advancing but allow defending troops to move over them. They work best in front of towers to slow people down.


There are two traps in the game: the Spike Trap and the Jester Box.

Spikes are clearly visible and attack every unit that walk over it. Some units, such as Frosters, hover over the trap and are not affected by its damage. Spikes can be attacked by some troops, while others will ignore them.

The Jester Box on the other hand is invisible until it gets triggered by the hero. It deals its damage in one explosion to units within range. It cannot be destroyed.

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