Scrolls are very similar to spells. However, using scrolls in battle will cost Gems. Also, scrolls will level themselves up automatically with your king level;  and, unlike spells and units, you can only equip up to two scrolls. When your scrolls level up, their cost increases will increase too.

Scroll characteristics Edit

Effect Type Edit

Scrolls, unlike spells, do not fall into categories of damage and defense. Instead, they have a diverse range of effects; such as instant unit reinforcements, slowing down the 2 minute and 44 second timer you get for raiding someone’s base, or some really big explosions.

Duration Edit

Scrolls (assuming they do not have instant durations) have a longer duration depending on what level they are. The exceptions to this are Apocalypse and Armageddon, which each last only for one second.

Cooldown Edit

A scroll’s cooldown also gets shorter the higher level it is. This, besides costing gems to use them, is the only one characteristic that distinguishes scrolls from spells. The scroll with the shortest cooldown is Battlecry; the scroll with the longest is Armageddon.

When the hero is resurrected, all scrolls are recharged at once, just like spells.

Touch and Go Edit

Scrolls either are stationary, meaning they do not travel with your king; but instead are plumped down wherever your king was standing at the time, or they have so big a range that it doesn't really matter. The exception to this is Battlecry; if you use it, you may want to utilize the hero scream to attract more units, making the scroll more effective.

Range Edit

There are several ranges for scrolls. Blessing has the shortest range, whereas others, like Apocalypse and Armageddon, have a range of nearly 10; and Battlecry has a range of 5.5. And others, like Summon, do not exactly have a range...

List of Scrolls Edit

Scroll Name Cooldown Duration Range Wizard's Tower Level
Apocalypse Apocalypse Countdown Varies Countdown 1.0s Range 8.00 1
Blessing Blessing Countdown Varies Countdown Until drained Range 4.00 2
Battlecry Battlecry Countdown Varies Countdown Varies Range 5.50 3
Summoning Summoning Countdown Varies Countdown Instant Range N/A 4
Portal Portal Countdown Varies Countdown Varies Range N/A 5
TimeWarp Time Warp Countdown Varies Countdown Varies Range Infinite 7
Armageddon Armageddon Countdown Varies

Countdown 1.0s

Range 10.00 9

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