Royal Revolt 2 is actively being updated, with major updates every few months, bug fixes and balances more frequently.

Update 5.0 (Current) Edit

Released: April, 9, 2019

  • New Pal - Hans
  • New Guardian - The Royal Advisor
  • New Environment - Sakura Valley
  • New Skins (Werewolf Anubis skin)
  • New Features and Improvements:
    • Chat Improvements: Translations and Copy/Paste are now available in the Alliance chat
    • Save up to 3 different Defense layouts
    • New Alliance Application Requirements
    • Nationality in Player profile
    • Alliance Donations once a day
    • Conquest Improvements: New detailed member list on map, Progress overview sorting and +info, Auto-Assigning of Troops, No more Movement Cooldown, etc.
  • Several Bugfixes and Polishing

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Update 4.5.0 Edit

Released: February, 11, 2019

  • New Royal Guardian: The Mecha Suit (Annihilation Automaton) G-5000
  • Introduction of "Royal Festivals"
    • New Token inventory: Tokens such as giving you more XP and double Gold in battles, reducing your food costs and upgrade time.
  • New event cycle. The new Event cycle will be War->Ninja->Conquest->Ninja.
  • New Pro-Item Set: The Sanzu set
  • Conquest: War Tile block: After a War has ended on a Tile every player from the winning team will have time to move from that specific tile without getting attacked.
  • Other Improvements and bug fixes:
    • Improved Pal and Guardian Collector Promo Event (Improved Chances to find Pals during the Pal Collector Event)
    • Surplus Royal Guardians will be converted to Pearls/Pal Food for maxed Royal Guardians
    • For every upcoming main version (such as 4.4, 4.5…) and Live Server Updates players will get a Chest.

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Update 4.4.0 Edit

Released: December 10, 2018

  • Introduced Royal Guardians
  • Bug Fixes & Improvements

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Update 4.0.0 [Windows PC 4.0.1] Edit

Released: July 31, 2018

Update 4.0 has been announced by Flaregames.

Windows 10 devices are on 4.0.1 after a conquest hot-fix. Both versions are server-enabled and have no feature difference.

This update includes alliance strongholds and conquests, which introduces a game mode similar to Wars but where an alliance collectively upgrades structures to fight battles 3 other alliances

The alliance strongholds structures are generally upgraded using Gems, and headquarter buildings can upgrade the capacity of the stronghold resources with alliance gold.

These are then used in Conquests, where 4 alliances battle for territory on a map of roughly 1,400 tiles to earn unique conquest boosts and special rarity chests.

Update 3.9.2 Edit


(Requires Information)

Update 3.8.0 Edit

Released: November 30, 2017

  • Introducing the Pro Boosts
  • Pro-Ticket Donation
  • Improvement to the Pro-Subscription Ticket collection mechanism
  • New requirements to purchase Pro-tickets

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Server Update 23 November 2017Edit

Released: November 23, 2017

  • More Blunt Resistance for Frosters
  • More Range to Bladestorm when forging (now up to ~70%, instead of 36%)
  • Less Ice Weakness for Paladins

Update 3.7.0Edit

Released: October 05, 2017

  • new level for throne room
  • +1 level for towers/obstacles/troops (no dungeon units) and castle buildings
  • +2 levels for wizard's tower building
  • new Viking unit
  • new Basilisk Tower
  • new Pal Flute spell
  • new pals: Eris (pro-pal), Bela the bat, Irmgard the brown bear
  • Halloween customization with some face paints and Halloween themed eyes for your Queen / Hero

Other Improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevent Monks from healing over path borders


  • More Range for the 4 last Levels of Bladestorm,
  • Heal Spell more Healing Power in the 3 last levels,
  • Stun Spell less Cooldown and more Range in last 2 Levels,
  • Necromancer weaker to Piercing Damage from Swordrain,
  • Higher Battle Cry range for unboosted Werewolf in both Defense and Offense


  • Players can only start collecting their free Pro-League tickets once they have reached Thrown Room level 10. Once reached, players will be able to collect their first free ticket straight away and will have the usual 28 days countdown to collect another one.
  • Localization and visuals of the Alliance-Subscription have been improved
  • Description of the Kingdom-subscription has been improved

Server Update 11 September 2017Edit

Released: September 11, 2017

  • Growl Beast HP increased in early levels
  • Ninja Coin amount needed for Alliance Rewards reduced
  • Subscriptions are now available for iOS and Android users
  • Fixed a display bug with Production Boost progress bars

Update 3.6.0Edit

Released: September 06, 2017

  • Gem spending confirmation message
  • New wardrobe slot
  • Hero HP-bar & Pal spell bar
  • No more Ninja Coin inside the Chamber of Fortune
  • Pro-League Monthly Leaderboard
  • Other New Features – Subscription packages for iOS & Android

Server Update 25 July 2017Edit

Released: July 25, 2017

  • Increased Necromancer's HP in offense (+50%)

Server Update 21 July 2017Edit

Released: July 21, 2017

  • Reduced the cooldown and increased the range of Growl Pal's Intimidate skill
  • Improved Pro-League Rewards (+25% more crystals per level, more and better reward tiers, increased amount of rewards from Pro-Chests)
  • Alliance War Chamber of Fortune Skull distribution based on rank (1st=100skulls, 2nd=99skulls, etc.)

Update 3.5.0Edit

Released: July 13, 2017

  • Pro-League mode (PvE) added.
  • Troops now show Defensive stats when selecting them via the Wave Management menu
  • Cooldown added to the Necromancer's stat view
  • War Skulls are now also displayed in the War Standings screen
  • Aura Perk descriptions now also show the Damage Type, Value and Frequency
  • Necromancers no longer attack Towers and Obstacles directly with their lightning damage. Instead the lightning strike can still bounce off them, even if the player has targeted a unit first. The main lightning damage will be dealt to units
  • Alliance Wars: Only the Top 40 scores of an Alliance will be taken into account for the overall score
  • The Jester Box attacks +10% faster
  • Only one game account can now be linked to a single Facebook account (not tied to devices)

Server Update 9 June 2017Edit

Released: June 09, 2017

  • Skeletons in defense deal 50% less damage to the Hero.
  • Howl Pal makes units move a bit faster with its howl now, and it deals more damage on its normal attack.
  • Primal Howl Beast makes units move a bit faster with its howl now
  • New level for the Castle Gate: 2 additional path tiles for the Castle Defense
  • Aki Beast now has increased range on its primary attack
  • Frost, Toxic and Normal Ninjas in Defense have 10% more HP and deal more damage (+40%) in tiers 12 to 14
  • Necromancers now have 50% less Health. The Health has been added to the Witch Doctor elite boost so lower level players can defeat normal Necromancers more easily.

Server Update 18 May 2017Edit

Released: May 18, 2017

  • Increased the range of the Swordrain's "Stun" perk (from 3 to 6 in the later levels)
  • Increased health and damage of both attacks of Vicious Bucky
  • Increased health and normal attack damage of Primal Howl
  • Increased heal rate of Heal Tower on every level

Update 3.2.0Edit

Released: May 04, 2017

  • Beast cutscene has been removed
  • Hero statistic panel
  • Easy access to your Pal Chest
  • Players will no longer receive multiple Alliance invites if the first invite from the same alliance is still pending
  • The type of war rewards received will differ based on the amount of fiefdoms (the more the better)
  • We've added a new celebration screen for when a new Alliance Beast has been unlocked (similar to the Alliance Level Up screen)

Update 3.1.0Edit

Released: April 06, 2017

  • Rename feature for the Hero
  • More country Flags for alliances
  • New Jester Box Trap
  • Daily Free Pal Chest Improvement

Server Update 30 March 2017Edit

Released: March 30, 2017

Balancing Changes:


  • Offensive Necromancers:
    • increased Damage +30%
    • increased Skeletons Damage +25%
  • Defensive Necromancers
    • Increased Damage +10%
    • Increased Skeletons Damage +12,5%

Healer Tower

  • Improved Healing power by 6,5%
  • Improved Healer Tower health +2,5%
  • Improved Healing range of the projectile by 31% on max level and more on lower levels

Voracious Eldrak Beast

  • Increased the Power of the Beast in the initial levels


Reduced the amount of max revives from 2 to 1 in PVE events. This is to make the events more challenging.

Update 3.0.0Edit

Released: March 09, 2017

New Elements:

  • New Tower: Heal Tower
  • New Troop: Necromancer

Ninja events:

  • Some of the higher levels now feature Pearl-upgraded towers, obstacles and troops
  • The Scroll cooldowns in Ninja levels are longer compared to all other battles (x2).
  • You can only revive 2 times in the Ninja levels.

This is to make the event more competitive amongst the top players, so getting 1st in the top Tier will be a greater challenge.


  • The maximum upgrade-time for any Troop, Tower, Obstacle or Spell is now 7 days.
  • The Gem costs to skip timers in the game has been reduced.


  • Every Unit, every Tower & Obstacle and most of the Castle-Buildings have received an additional Upgrade-Level.
  • A few balancing modifications have been necessary to account for the addition of the Heal Tower, the Necromancer, the Pals and the additional Upgrade-Levels.
    • Defensive Troops
      • Increased HP and Damage for Knight, Archer, Paladin and Monk
      • Increased Damage for Froster, Pyromancer, Mummy and Werewolf
      • Increased HP for Ogre
    • Offensive Troops
      • Increased HP and Damage for Archer, Paladin, Froster, Arblaster, Mortar, Gargoyle and Ninjas
      • Increased the Damage for Mummy
      • Reduced HP for Monk and Werewolf.
    • Towers and Obstacles
      • Increased HP for Barricade, Spikes and Bomb Tower
      • Increased HP and Damage for the Arrow Tower, the Frost Tower, the Gargoyle Tower and the Firebolt Tower

More Changes:

  • 10 new challenging Dungeon missions: keep digging deeper, nothing can stop you!
  • Additional Alliance levels: upgrade your Alliance to unlock more levels for your old Elite Boosts as well as a new one!!
  • New Elite Boost for the Necromancer: more damage and more skeletons!
  • A new Festival will start on the 16th March. This is your chance to unlock the Pal “Howl”!
  • New sigils and new sigil color for your Alliance: be creative!
  • Pearl Upgrading Values are now displayed with 2 decimal places
  • Account transfer is now limited at 1 time per year, be careful when you transfer your account to another device. Don't forget to check our FAQ!

Update 2.7.0Edit

Released: December 12, 2016

Winter Festival

  • Come back daily for unique battles to unlock your daily Festival Chest.
  • Gather Candy Canes to purchase exclusive winter themed items!
  • These exclusive items have special perks and are made to withstand the snowstorms of winter.


  • Adjust the cooldown for highest Toxic Cloud level
  • Defense Monks: they heal more often and are more powerful
  • Frost Tower's range has been increased

Additional Note

  • As we are continuously expanding Royal Revolt 2 our ability to support Windows Phone 8.0 is reaching its limits. Unfortunately we will no longer be supporting Windows Phone 8.0 after March 2017.

Update 2.6.0Edit

Released: October 19, 2016


  • By earning coins together in your Alliance, you will unlock chests and defense troops (e.g. Ninjas…)
  • The chat is now accessible from the event map
  • You will be able to compete against other members of your Alliance: a battle count is visible in the Alliance leaderboard to measure each others progress

Long awaited features:

Many of you wanted to be able to have multiple presets for their items, in order to switch easily from one another. We have introduced the Wardrobe which allows you to create there 3 different Presets that you can switch easily prior a fight. We hope you will like it!

Additional new Features:

iOS 10

iMessage Sticker Pack:

Sticker Pack with RR2 stickers and animated characters

Installed with the Game Available in iMessage App Store

iOS Live-Streaming:

You can now stream the Game from your iOS Device, time to share your feats!


Royal Revolt 2 is now available in China! You can also play the game in Chinese (traditional and simplified)

Update 2.5.4Edit

Released: October 04, 2016

  • This version contains a fix for the crashes usually occurring at the end of the battle.

Update 2.5.3Edit

Released: September 05, 2016

This version contains potential fixes for the following issues:

  • Crashes related to a shader issue
  • Crashes related to the Chamber of Fortune

Update 2.5.2Edit

Released: August 26, 2016

  • This version includes a fix for the issue preventing some units from being added to the defensive waves.

Update 2.5.0Edit

Released: August 22, 2016

  • Female avatar available
  • More costumization for your character (hair, eyes, skin color)
  • Ninja Event feature added
  • New Uber weapons added

Server Update 14 June 2016Edit

Released: June 14, 2016


Increased slightly the HP and DAM values for the last levels of defensive troops:

  • Archer
  • Paladin
  • Mummy

Mortar: increased resistance to ice

Obstacles / Towers

  • +1 Level for all Towers and Obstacles.
  • Lightning Tower got a 3rd construction plan to unlock the new Level

Daily Rewards

  • They also now feature Uber chests

Voucher Friends

  • The max number for the voucher friends was increased from 20 to 30

Update 2.2.0Edit

Released: June 06, 2016

  • Uber Chests Introduction
  • New Video Ad Placement
  • Player Search improvement
  • Alliance Search improvement
  • Wave management improvement
  • Alliance Wars improvement
  • New Quests
  • Insta-Troops
  • Various Balancing

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Server Update 24 March 2016Edit

Released: March 24, 2016 Changes

  • Balancing of the Lightning Tower:
  • This one has more HP and deals more damage in the initial levels
  • The 2nd boost level of the elite boost of the "Lightning Tower", the "Tempest Tower" has now 5 instead of 4 charges

Update 2.1.0Edit

Released: March 22, 2016

Android and iOS

  • Link your Facebook account in-game to automatically sync your progress between your mobile device and Facebook Canvas.
  • See which of your Facebook friends are playing the game and extend your friends list accordingly!


  • Windows users can now take advantage of free Magic Chests and Production Boosts.

Update 2.0.0Edit

Released: February 22, 2016

  • New Troop: The Monk
  • New Tower: The Lightning Tower
  • New Spell: The Black Magic
  • Troops, Towers, Spells can now be forged to improve certain stats
  • New feature: Production Boost
  • 10 new Dungeons levels
  • All Troops will have +2 levels
  • All Spells will have +2 levels
  • All Towers & Obstacles will get +2-3 levels
  • New Maximum Buildings Levels
  • New Alliance levels & more
  • New Hero & Item levels
  • New feature: Gameplay Video Recording
  • Balancing changes for towers, obstacles and spells

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Server Update 18 December 2015Edit

Released: December 18, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • A bug with Hero Item level resets has been fixed

Update 1.9.6Edit

Released: December 16, 2015

  • Addition of Daily Rewards
  • Magic Chests now have a cooldown that need to be respect if you want to collect in time the chests

Bug Fixes

  • Some players had a crash issue before, while or after entering the Chamber of Fortune. The fix should have eliminated the problem for the vast majority of players, but it might still happen to some. If this is the case, please tell us on the forums
  • Some players could see a difference in the Hero stats values displayed when looked at in the Throne Room, or on their profile. This issue has been fixed and the stats are now displayed properly
  • The bad resolution on iPhone 6s plus has been corrected
  • Some players were not able to buy Package offers as the game crashed when they tried to do so. The issue should have been fixed


  • The Alliance Tower has access to a new level! Upgrading it will let you donate 750,000 Gold every day

Server Update 01 December 2015Edit

Released: December 01, 2015

Doubled the amount of pearls by melting down items, permanently.

Server Update 30 November 2015Edit

Released: November 30, 2015

Remotion of perk will now cost half price than before: 50 gems.

Update 1.9.5Edit

Released: November 25, 2015

Blacksmith Workshop introduced


  • The health of the"poison arrow tower" has been increased by 10% at max level
  • The Mummy Speed has been increased from 1.75 to 2.00
  • The Surprise Mummy spawns one more Knight (9 at max.)
  • The conversion rate of Gems to Pearls has been changed from 0,1 to 0,2 per 1 Gem spent
  • The quest "Pearl Diver" can only be achieved via spending gems.
  • The former pearl-scrolls are now all gem-scrolls.
  • If you find Pearls in the third chest of the Chamber of Fortune, the amount of Pearls will be higher than previously.
  • If you find Pearls in Magic Chests, the amount will be higher than previously


  • Added support for Android 6
  • Added support for iOS 9
  • Improvement of Google+ authentication on Android


  • Some players will get a wrong (higher) number of Leadership displayed in their Throne Room menu. On the server and in the battle everything is correct, including the number is used. If you think that the display-bug is appearing on your device and you want to see your correct amount of Leadership you can do so by accessing your Player Profile. We apologize for the inconvenience. The bug will be fixed as soon as possible.

Server Update 16 October 2015Edit

Released: October 16, 2015 Bug Fixes:

  • We recently made several updates to address performance issues when large numbers of Gargoyles are present on screen.
  • Addressed an issue that results in reduced frame rate performance during hero movement on some devices.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ranges of upcoming Special War Boosts to be shortened.

Server Update 15 October 2015Edit

Released: October 15, 2015

Balancing changes:

  • Gargoyle Nest War Boost - Maximum of 3 Gargoyles in one wave, previously the maximum was set to 4 Gargoyles.

Update 1.9.1Edit

Released: October 7, 2015


  • Each War-Season will be special from now on, as we will introduce 2 new special War-Boosts and some special War-Settings in every war season
  • Special War Boosts added
  • Special War Settings in each new War Season
  • War Season Preview and War Season name
  • Battle limitation
  • Balancing on some buildings, towers and troops

See all changes

Update 1.9.0Edit

Released: September 7, 2015

  • New War-Reward-Boosts (Gargoyle Nest, Dracomancer, DragoFroster)
  • New changes in Chamber of Fortune like vouchers but also skulls during Wars.
  • Voucher Rewards 
  • Balancing on Troops, Spells and Towers

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Server Update 8 August 2015Edit

Released: August 8, 2015

  • War Season length has been increased from 4 days to 5 days
  • Length of single Wars has been increased to 23,5 hours
  • Pauses between Seasons has been increased from 3 days to 6/5 Days
    • Pauses between Seasons will alternate between 6 and 5 days

Server Update 29 July 2015Edit

Released: July 29, 2015

The amount of Skulls needed for personal War rewards has been lowered:

  • Common Magic Chests now unlock at 1.000, 2.000, and 3.000 Skulls
  • Enchanted Magic Chests now unlock at 4.000, 5.500, and 7.500 Skulls
  • Rare Magic Chests now unlock at 10.000, 12.500, and 15.000 Skulls
  • Epic Magic Chests now unlock at 20.000, 25.000, and 30.000 Skulls
  • Legendary Magic Chests now unlock at 40.000, 50.000, and 60.000 Skulls

The chance to find good loot in epic and legendary Magic Chests has been increased

Server Update 24 July 2015 Edit

Released: July 24, 2015

  • Increased amount of war-champions.
  • Increased amount of war-shields.
  • Reduced the price in Alliance Gold for the initial War-Champions and War-Shields.
  • Increased the number of Ingame-Friends from 15 to 20.
  • Increased the number of Voucher-Friends from 15 to 20.
  • New FAQ feature in options menu.
  • We fixed a bug that caused that Voucher friends weren't earning Vouchers for their connected Voucher friends levelling up.

Update 1.8.6 Edit

Released: July 23, 2015


  • New Additional War Rewards for all players ! (Magic Chests)
  • New Additional Skull-Bonus-Poll in each war

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Update 1.8.5 Edit

Released: July 2, 2015


  • With the implementation of our new Voucher System, several quest rewards have been changed from Gems to Vouchers.


  • Fixed an issue with missing building/wave/spell/troop levels directly after having upgraded them
  • Fixed an issue with broken unit icons on Android
  • Fixed an issue with battles not starting directly after buying food in Alliance Wars
  • Fixed the "rangebug" Issue was caused by spells only affecting a limited amount of "units" while projectiles were counted as "units". Spells sometimes did not deal damage to intended targets if they reached the unit-limit with too many projectiles in their area of effect.
  • Projectiles (such as the Arblaster's shot) now no longer count as "units" and are no longer targeted by spells and scrolls.
  • Target-limit for spells and scrolls has been doubled from 32 to now 64. 


  • Added two more Color Sets for Hero-Items
  • Added amount of fiefdoms to the Alliance Leaderboard
  • Ranks are displayed in colours in Alliance members list
  • Improvements to performance and stability on low-memory Windows Phone devices

For further details on our new Social Features, Voucher System, War Champions, and Shields, head to our announcement post here.

Server Update 24 June 2015 Edit

Released: June 24, 2015

  • Has been added two new colors for Hero gears: Green-gray-black, Purple-gray-black
  • The re-rolling in Granny Shop has been improved, now you will be able to find better items after you spend gems to re-roll

Server Update 20 May 2015Edit

Released: May 20, 2015

  • The transfer window when switching Alliances within a war is increased from 30 to 60 hours
  • Defensive Troop-Waves have an increased morale maximum of 42 instead of 40
  • Reduced HP of Frenzy Frost Blaster in defence only
  • Increased HP of Doom Gate
  • Increased level of Farms and Taverns
  • Increased Blizzard to level 13
  • Increased damage of Apocalypse and Armageddon

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Server Update 7 Apr 2015Edit

Released: April 7, 2015

  • The update was scheduled maintenance. Nothing has changed on the player's side of things.

Server Update 31 Mar 2015Edit

Released: March 31, 2015

  • Many new levels for spells
  • Five new alliance levels and elite boost upgrades
  • New levels for knights, barricades, and traps
  • Three new levels for the castle gate, bringing the maximum path length up to 29
  • Various other changes

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Server Update 3 Mar 2015Edit

Released: March 3, 2015

Update 1.7.0 Edit

Released: February 25, 2015


  • Become Alliance General to help manage your Alliance.
  • Support your Alliance through new ways of donating.
  • Fight epic battles with rebalanced and stronger Elite Boosts.
  • Enjoy the various improvements, polishing and bug fixes.

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Server Update 9 Feb 2015 Edit

Released: February 9, 2015

  • Finetuning: Elite Boost balancing
  • New upgrade levels for troops, spells, buildings and obstacles:

- Alliance Tower: +1 level

- Archer: +1 level

- Pyromancer: +1 level

- Bomb Tower: +1 level

- Blizzard: +1 level

- Poison Cloud: +1 level

- Hammerstrike: +1 level

- Stun: +1 level

  • Balancing of various Dungeon levels and decreased difficulty
  • Maintenence preparation  for v1.7.0

Server Update 8 Jan 2015 Edit

Released: January 8, 2015

  • Improved the chat-history
  • General Maintenance

Server Update 19 Dec 2014 Edit

Released: December 19, 2014

  • Increased strength of Elite Boosts
  • Decreased prices of Elite Boosts

Update 1.6.1 Edit

Released: December 15, 2014

  • Technical update for Windows users
  • Alliance Boosts activated for all platforms

Update 1.6.0Edit

Released: December 12, 2014


  • Added many new features and balance changes. It has been officially released for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows PC
  • New levels for units, towers, spells and alliance
  • General balacen changes
  • Dungeon changes

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Server Update 4 Dec 2014 Edit

Released: December 4, 2014

  • Improved Chamber of Fortune: Players should have more "luck" after gaining entry into the Chamber of Fortune

Server Update 27 Oct 2014 Edit

Released: October 27, 2014

  • Dungeon Balancing: Greatly lowered dig times for levels and reduced the required hero level

Server Update 21 Oct 2014 Edit

Released: October 21, 2014

  • Hero Scream Buff: Units that are affected by the hero scream now receive a significant bonus to their movement and attack speed
  • Werewolf Buff: Now takes less damage from Bomb & Skull Towers. Now also uses his howl ability when only the enemy hero is around to fight back more effectively
  • Dungeon: Adjusted difficulty and rewards for some of the levels
  • Quest Rewards: Reduced some quest rewards. Changed some quest rewards from gems to gold

Update 1.4.2 Edit

Released: October 17, 2014

  • Technical update for Android. No changes to the game.

Server Update 30 Sept 2014 Edit

Released: September 30, 2014

  • Pearl Scrolls now give gems to the defender when used during an attack
  • Loot adjustments: Mid-level players should see more loot
  • Balance changes to the Werewolf: Increased HP
  • Balance changes to the Gargoyle: Damage decreased
  • Added one level to Swordrain and Bladestorm
  • Added three levels to the gargoyle tower
  • Various balancing changes

Update 1.4.1 Edit

Released: September 19, 2014


  • Reduced many update times and costs throughout the game
  • Three new scrolls
  • Better matchmaking

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Update 1.4.0 Edit

Released: September 16, 2014


  • Introduced the Dungeon as a sort of single player campaign
  • Introduced monsters
  • Players can earn food by watching a video
  • Three hour gold shield

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