This FAQ address some of the questions frequently asked about Royal Revolt 2. If you can think of additional questions, please post them below. You can click on the pictures to get larger images.
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How do i make a path longer?Edit


Example of 27/27 paths.

To make a path more longer you need to have the requirements to do it by seeing in the left if you have enough path to "build". If you have them: put your finger in the path, then push and hold a square in that point (you'll see a circle) and start to move it, always holding it, in the direction you want.

A green line will allow you to build the path you have made.

A red line won't allow you to build the path for 3 reasons:

  • You don't have enough paths available;
  • You are across a ruin so the game won't allow you to build the path;
  • The path you made is too long and you have to reduce it (to solve this problem you have to upgrade your castle gate), changing its direction or form.

Each square/tile of your base has a distance of 5m x 5m. Here a simple video that show you how to do it:

Edit and Connect path in Royal Revolt 2

What are morale and leadership?Edit


Your morale determines how many troops you can summon in battle and is shown by the blue bar at the bottom of the screen. Each segment of the blue bar represents one morale point. The morale cost of each troop can be seen in the blue circle found on its portrait .

Leadership increases the amount of morale you start with in battle, as well as the rate at which your morale is replenished. A higher leadership allows you to summon more troops in battle, more quickly. The number of segments on the blue morale bar increases with your hero's leadership level.

Why does the food cost for each raid continue to increase? Edit

The cost to execute a raid increases each time your hero gains a level. This is in part to keep the number of raids you can execute somewhat constant, even as you continue to upgrade your farms and silo. This may also be to balance the increase in power your hero gets for gaining a level (both in terms of direct power through increased statistics as well as indirect power by gaining access to better items from the Item Shop and the Chamber of Fortune each time he levels).

What is Scream? Edit

When you touch your Hero's portrait in battle it will cause your units to stop whatever they are doing and move towards you for a few seconds. This is your "scream." Once you scream, several seconds must elapse before you can scream again. A few items offer Scream as a secondary statistic. When equipped such items reduce the cooldown of your scream ability, meaning you can use Scream more frequently. The 21 Oct 2014 update also causes units under the effect of Hero Scream to move and attack more rapidly. The hero also receives this benefit which can be useful when the hero has been slowed or is trying to hit several towers with a damage over time spell like Firestorm or Sonic Blast.

How do I change my spell or troop selection?Edit


Just click on the icon of the troop or spell you want to swap out. You will then be prompted to equip one of the others that you have available. Once you've completed a raid with a new set of spells or troops, the new selection will be saved as the default for your next battle. You can save up gems to unlock an additional third spell or troop slot.

Can I unequip a scroll once I have equipped one? Edit

No. Once equipped, you cannot unequip a scroll. You can equip a different one by clicking the scroll slot in the battle selection screen, just like you would change your troop or spell selection. You must equip at least one scroll to complete the tutorial. If you ever equip a second scroll, you will be stuck with 2 scrolls forever, making accidental scroll use even more likely.

I put one of my towers away by tapping the box icon. How do I get it back?Edit


To get a tower back from your inventory, click on a vacant patch of land and tap the tower icon. After selecting the relevant tower type, you will be prompted to either start constructing a new tower or "use" one of the towers you have put away. Select "use" and you will have the tower back.

You are only allowed a few towers initially, and you must have a vacancy for an additional tower for this to work. You can increase the number of towers and traps that you can have by upgrading your castle gate.

Do I have to come first in my tournament to get to the next league or to receive a star?Edit

No, you don't have to. As long as you finish your tournament in the top three, you will advance to the next league and get the star. The exception to this is in the fifth league; the Diamond League. Here, only the player finishing in first place will get the star. There is no league above the Diamond League.

What is a Gold Shield, and how does it work?Edit


When you active your gold shield, your treasure chamber is surrounded by a pulsating force-field and your loot is completely protected from other players. Other players can still attack you and receive a default loot generated by the game, but you won't lose any gold from your treasure chamber.

After activating the gold shield, you can find out its remaining time by double-clicking on the treasure chamber. You still receive gems when attackers use scrolls or resurrect, and you can still gain and lose trophies depending on how your defenses perform.

Why does the attack time vary for different bases? Edit

The amount of time that you have to carry out a raid in is determined by the level of your opponent's castle gate. There is a base time for raids of 1m 30s for the initial maximum path length of 13. Every time an upgrade of the castle gate increases the maximum path length by 2 squares, the attack time increases by 10s from the base time. The maximum attack time is 2m 44s for the highest maximum path length of 29.

What is the difference between Trophies and Medals? Edit

Trophies are an indication of how effective of a player you are relative to other players.  As you win matches or successfully defend your base your trophy count increases.  As you lose matches or fail to defend your base your trophy count falls.  A partial victory will result in a smaller gain or even a loss of trophies.  You are ranked on a Global Leaderboard with all other players.  Those with the most trophies are at the top of the leaderboard.

Medals, on the other hand, are used to participate in tournaments.  You gain medals by attacking other bases.   A partial victory will provide a partial reward of medals (e.g. if you get a 60% victory and an opponent was worth 100 medals, you will get 60 medals).  You can never lose your medals. At the end of a tournament you are ranked within your tournament bracket based on medal counts.  The winner of the bracket is the player with the most medals.  After the tournament ends, your medal count resets to zero and you start a new tournament.

Where can I find out the meaning of RR2 jargon like "Open Base"? Edit

See our Royal Revolt 2 Jargon page for this and other bits of RR2 Jargon.

Why did I lose gold in attack, when I had less gold than what my treasure chamber can protect? Edit

Gold can be raided from your taverns as well as your treasure chamber. It is likely that the gold was taken from your taverns. The total gold in your treasure chamber should be unchanged. A gold shield will protect all your gold, both taverns and treasure chamber

How do I get more towers, barricades and traps? Edit

You can increase the number of towers, barricades and traps that you are allowed by upgrading your castle gate. To upgrade your castle gate, click on it and then click the upwards blue arrow. You will then go to the "upgrade" screen where you can see what the effect of upgrading will be, and how much it costs.