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"The Farm is the place where you sow and gather food for your units. The more food you produce, the more often your units are ready for the battlefield. Upgrade the farm to produce more food, enabling your army to go into battle more often."

Farms can be found outside the castle walls. They produce the poop needed to attack other players or raid caverns in the dungeon. Since a farm stops producing once its storage capacity is exhausted, it makes sense to transfer the stored food to the silo by tapping the farm.

The number of farms is limited by the level of the throne room. Two farms are available right away, the third when the throne room reaches level 2, and the fourth at level 4.

With higher levels farms can produce faster and store more food. They are eventually maxed out at level 19. The maximum level that the Farms can reach depends of the current level of Silo.

Level Requirement Capacity Food per


Hours to fill Upgrade






1 Throne Room level 1 Capacity 50 Food 20 Countdown 2h 30m Gold 1K Time 2m
2 Capacity 60 Food 22 Countdown 2h 43m 38s Gold 2,5K Time 10m IconBoostDuration 4h
3 Throne Room level 2 Capacity 70 Food 24 Countdown 2h 55m Gold 7.5K Time 20m IconBoostDuration 4h
4 Throne Room level 3 Capacity 80 Food 26 Countdown 3h 4m 36s Gold 15K Time 30m IconBoostDuration 4h
5 Throne Room level 4 Capacity 90 Food 28 Countdown 3h 12m 51s Gold 25K Time 1h IconBoostDuration 4h
6 Throne Room level 5 Capacity 100 Food 30 Countdown 3h 20m Gold 50K Time 2h IconBoostDuration 4h
7 Throne Room level 6 Capacity 110 Food 32 Countdown 3h 26m 15s Gold 100K Time 4h IconBoostDuration 4h
8 Capacity 120 Food 36 Countdown 3h 20m Gold 200K Time 8h IconBoostDuration 4h
9 Throne Room level 7 Capacity 130 Food 40 Countdown 3h 15m Gold 300K Time 16h IconBoostDuration 4h
10 Capacity 145 Food 45 Countdown 3h 13m 20s Gold 400K Time 1d 12h IconBoostDuration 4h
11 Capacity 160 Food 50 Countdown 3h 12m Gold 800K Time 2d IconBoostDuration 4h
12 Throne Room level 8 Capacity 180 Food 60 Countdown 3h Gold 1.5M Time 3d IconBoostDuration 4h
13 Capacity 200 Food 80 Countdown 2h 30m Gold 2.5M Time 4d IconBoostDuration 4h
14 Capacity 220 Food 85 Countdown 2h 35m 17s Gold 4M Time 4d IconBoostDuration 4h
15 Capacity 240 Food 90 Countdown 2h 40m Gold 6M Time 4d 12h IconBoostDuration 4h
16 Capacity 260 Food 95 Countdown 2h 44m 12s Gold 8M Time 5d 12h* IconBoostDuration 4h
17 Capacity 280 Food 100 Countdown 2h 48m Gold 10M Time 5d 12h IconBoostDuration 4h
18 Capacity 300 Food 105 Countdown 2h 51m Gold 12M Time 6d IconBoostDuration 4h
19 Throne Room level 9 Capacity 325 Food 110 Countdown 2h 57m 14s Gold 14M Time 6d1 2h IconBoostDuration 4h
20 Capacity 350 Food 115 Countdown 3h 25m 48s Gold 15M Time 7d IconBoostDuration 4h