The Festival Token inventory.

Festival Tokens are collectible items shaped like a small sun, which can be activated by accessing the new IconTokenInventory Token Inventory menu located on the Throne Room.

Upon activation, the token will disappear and a special "enhancement" will be temporarily activated for a few hours or even days, helping the hero before, during, or after the course of battle.

These Tokens can be obtained via:

Farming TokensEdit

The following Tokens can be considered "farming" tokens, since they help winning a bigger amount of currency (e.g.: medal, gold or XP).

FarmerToken Farmer TokenEdit

  • Reduces the Food Food Costs of all battles by 80% for 2 hours.

MedalToken Medal TokenEdit

  • Increases the Medals Medals earned from battles by 100% for 3 days.

GoldToken Gold TokenEdit

  • Increases the Gold Gold earned from all battles by 100% for 12 hours.

XPToken XP TokenEdit

  • Increases the IconXP XP earned from all battles by 100% for 1 hour.

Note: The Farming Tokens effects do not work while playing on any Event battles, such as:

As such, they should only be used on "normal" battles, via the matchmaker, or targeted (favorites/leaderboard).

Battle TokensEdit

These tokens help the hero during the course of a battle.

PhoenixToken Phoenix TokenEdit

  • This Token can be used to get the first resurrection in a battle for free.

InstaTroopToken Insta-Troop TokenEdit

  • Reduces the cooldown of PerkInsta-TroopCooldown Insta-Troops in battles by 50% for 2 days.

Other TokensEdit

A type of tokens which doesn't fall in any of the previous categories.

UpgradeToken Upgrade TokenEdit

  • The upgrade time of a currently running upgrade is reduced by 1 day, excluding Dungeons.

VanityToken Vanity TokenEdit

  • The Vanity slot in your Wardrobe will be unlocked for 7 days upon activation. The vanity slot can be used to give the hero a distinct appearance without affecting the stats of other Wardrobe slots.

DonationToken Donation TokenEdit

  • When activating this Token, Alliance Donations can be performed 3x per day for 7 days.
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