The Firestorm burns everything and can be used to great effect against units and buildings, but is weak when unleashed against Blockades.

The Firestorm spell works well against anything with a weakness to fire. Its nature and application changes with a player's progress in the game.

Starting out, Firestorm is primarily needed against Firebolt towers and barricades until it is put aside in favor of the more versatile Sonic Blast. With further upgrades, Firestorm is finally transformed into a long range spell, making it useful for the for high-level gameplay as well.



Firestorm works great against arrow and firebolt towers

Wooden Structures:
Both arrow towers and frost towers are burned down quickly when a firestorm is unleashed. Wooden barricades are also weak against fire – unless they're boosted.

Firebolt and Lightning Towers: Firestorm is the usually the weapon of choice against Firebolt and Lightning towers. Unless the tower is upgraded too far (compared to the spell), it burns down quickly. At early levels, the hero has to be very close to in order to set a tower afire.

Towers at the Gate: Whether it's in war, ninja events, festivals, or regular raids, there are often Firebolt or Lightning towers placed next to the Castle Gate in order to prevent attackers from reaching 100%. Firestorm can help clear those towers quickly. At higher levels, its improved range allows players to hit towers at both sides (if they run over).

Touch & Go: Once on fire, a unit or a structure burns until the spell ends, even if the hero moves away. This makes it possible to light several structures on fire to get the most out of the spell.

Troops: Frosters, Cannons, Mummies and Mortars die quickly when confronted with a firestorm. Other troops don’t have a weakness against fire but still take a lot of damage from the spell. Gargoyles surprisingly die quickly when subjected to this spell.

Panic: Troops that are lit on fire often panic and run away for a moment. This can be helpful when the hero is in the middle of enemy troops, especially in a group of knights or paladins.

Cooldown: Initially, Firestorm has a cooldown of 14 seconds, which is a second less than the cooldown of sonic blast. This advantage goes away at higher levels, when Firestorm's cooldown increases to up to 16 seconds and Sonic Blast's cooldown improves to 14 seconds.

Range (at higher levels): At higher levels, Firestorm can be used to easily hit several towers at once. It also becomes an effective weapon in lane to lane combat against most ranged units (especially cannons).


Protected Firebolt and Lightning towers: Even as one of the lower range spells, Firestorm can still reach most towers behind barricades or blockades – except for the set back Firebolt and Lightning towers. Only Firestorm level 11 and up can reach those.

Pyromancers: Firestorm does little damage against pyromancers. It can be enough to kill one with very low health, but otherwise Firestorm is rather useless against the tough and fire-resistant pyromancers.

Duration: With only three seconds until the effect stops, a Firestorm is over quickly.

Blockades: Blockades burn, but only a little. Firestorm is virtually useless here.

Tough barricades (from level 3): When a barricade is boosted to level 3 or higher, much of its initial weakness to fire is compensated. At this point, Firestorm is no longer helpful against this obstacle.


Firestorm is a valuable spell that is often used in attacks until it’s eventually replaced by Sonic Blast. Until then the spell is often a player’s main weapon against firebolt towers and should be kept upgraded. By the time Sonic Blast becomes available, Firestorm might still be the better choice until the other spell has been upgraded.

With a cooldown of 14 seconds and a duration of only three, the right timing is very important to get the most out of the spell. This makes it necessary to sometimes save a firestorm for the right moment. On the other hand, a defender can try to bait a Firestorm with a wooden structure, so the spell is unavailable for a better target right after.

To maximize the damage dealt by Firestorm, a player should try to quickly set as many buildings and units on fire as possible. Running past two or three firebolt towers can lead to their destruction, or two destroyed and a heavily damaged third tower. Again, with the right timing – activating the spell on the first tower right before getting out of range – the effect can be maximized. Speed boots can help to cover more ground.

Firestorm is also helpful at the castle gate. It deals moderate damage to the building, but is also helpful to light nearby towers on fire without getting away from the gate too long (so the hero can hit it as many times as possible).

It’s also helpful to cast the spell in the middle of freshly-spawned troops in front of the gate to prevent them from distracting attacking troops. This is especially true for mortars, which could otherwise draw the fire of cannons away from the gate.


Level Requirement Damage Range Cooldown Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time
1 Wizard's Tower lvl 4 FireDamage 720 Range 2.45 Countdown 14.0s Unlock with Wizard's Tower lvl 4
2 Wizard's Tower lvl 4 FireDamage 864 Range 2.45 Countdown 14.0s Gold 50K Time 1h 24m
3 Wizard's Tower lvl 5 FireDamage 1,037 Range 2.45 Countdown 14.0s Gold 100K Time 2h 48m
4 Wizard's Tower lvl 5 FireDamage 1,244 Range 2.45 Countdown 14.0s Gold 200K Time 5h 36m
5 Wizard's Tower lvl 6 FireDamage 1,493 Range 2.45 Countdown 14.0s Gold 500K Time 11h 12m
6 Wizard's Tower lvl 7 FireDamage 1,792 Range 2.45 Countdown 14.0s Gold 1M Time 22h 24m
7 Wizard's Tower lvl 8 FireDamage 2,150 Range 2.45 Countdown 14.0s Gold 2M Time 1d 9h 36m
8 Wizard's Tower lvl 9 FireDamage 2,580 Range 2.45 Countdown 14.0s Gold 3M Time 2d 2h 24m
9 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 FireDamage 3,096 Range 2.45 Countdown 14.0s Gold 4M Time 2d 19h 12m
10 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 FireDamage 3,715 Range 2.45 Countdown 14.0s Gold 5M Time 3d 12h
11 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 FireDamage 4,458 Range 3.00 Countdown 14.0s Gold 6M Time 4d 4h 48m
12 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 FireDamage 4,547 Range 3.50 Countdown 14.5s Gold 7M Time 4d 21h 36m
13 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 FireDamage 4,638 Range 4.00 Countdown 15.0s Gold 7.5M Time 5d 14h 24m
14 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 FireDamage 4,731 Range 4.50 Countdown 15.5s Gold 8M Time 6d
15 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 FireDamage 5,677 Range 4.75 Countdown 16.0s Gold 8.5M Time 6d 6h
16 Wizard's Tower lvl 11 FireDamage 6,472 Range 5.00 Countdown 16.0s Gold 9M Time 6d 12h
17 Wizard's Tower lvl 11 FireDamage 7,378 Range 5.50 Countdown 16.0s Gold 10M Time 6d 18h
18 Wizard's Tower lvl 12 FireDamage 8,116 Range 5.50 Countdown 16.0s Gold 12M Time 7d

Forgings LevelsEdit

Forgings Levels Pearls Cost Cooldown Success Chance Max Fails
+1 Pearl 63 Time 9h 18m ButtonConfirm 66.6% ButtonCancel 0
+2 Pearl 125 Time 18h 36m ButtonConfirm 55.5% ButtonCancel 0
+3 Pearl 188 Time 1d 3h 54m ButtonConfirm 44.4% ButtonCancel 1
+4 Pearl 250 Time 1d 13h 12m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+5 Pearl 250 Time 2d 7h 48m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+6 Pearl 250 Time 3d 11h 42m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+ Pearl 250 Time 6d 23h 24m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
IconBoostForge Forgings Countdown Cooldown Range Range FireDamage Damage Bonus
+1 15.84 5.57 +132
+2 15.68 5.63 +264
+3 15.52 5.70 +396
+4 15.36 5.76 +528
+5 15.20 5.83 +660
+6 15.04 5.90 +792
+7 14.88 5.96 +924
+8 14.72 6.03 +1,056
+9 14.56 6.09 +1,188
+10 14.40 6.16 +1,320
+11 14.24 6.23 +1,452
+12 14.08 6.29 +1,584
+13 13.92 6.36 +1,716
+14 13.76 6.42 +1,848
+15 13.60 6.49 +1,980
+16 13.45 6.55 +2,110
+17 13.33 6.60 +2,231
+18 13.25 6.63 +2,336
+19 13.20 6.66 +2,423
+20 13.16 6.67 +2,494
+21 13.13 6.68 +2,552
+22 13.11 6.69 +2,599
+23 13.10 6.70 +2,638
+24 13.08 6.70 +2,670
+25 13.07 6.71 +2,697
+26 13.06 6.71 +2,720
+27 13.06 6.71 +2,740
+28 13.05 6.72 +2,757
+29 13.05 6.72 +2,771
+30 13.04 6.72 +2,785
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
MAX Countdown 12.98 Range 6.75 FireDamage +2,981
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