Food is needed to attack other players. It is produced in farms and can be stored in the silo.

It is often useful to accumulate food in order to launch a series of attacks. This is usually the case when a bigger amount of gold is needed for an investment. It’s can also make sense to save up food until a new league starts when there’s no point in competing in the current one.

Getting Food Edit

There are several ways to get food.


The primary source for food are the (up to four) farms around the castle. Each farm can store an amount of food until its capacity is exhausted. Then it will stop producing until the food is removed and stored away in the silo.


Food can be bought for gems to restock the silo. The cost depends on the amount of food needed to fill up the silo.

Buying food, regardless of how much, has the desirable side effect of resetting the maximum gold that can be looted from other players.

Chamber of FortuneEdit

Inside the boxes of the Chamber of Fortune, players can sometimes find food as well. The amount is limited by the free space in the silo, which is why players should consider not transferring food from farms between battles.


Free food can be bought with vouchers from the Voucher Baazar.

Magic ChestsEdit

You can get free food by opening this chests which can be obtain by making skulls during thE War Season.

Watching a videoEdit

Starting in 1.4.0 iOS and Android players who attempt a raid with insufficient food have the option to watch a video advertisement to receive just enough food to complete the raid. This is limited by the total number of advertisement videos available in your region. This is not available for Windows and Windows Phone users.