Gems are the premium currency in Royal Revolt 2. They can be bought for real money and can be spent on anything, from buying gold and food, to speeding up timers. There are also things that can only be bought with gems, like extra workers and other extras as well as some items from the gift shop.

Getting GemsEdit

Royal Revolt 2 - How to get free gems (tutorial)

Royal Revolt 2 - How to get free gems (tutorial)

There are many ways to get gems. The video on the right was made by Flothaboss and demonstrates most of them. 

Below are listed the main methods to get gems.


The easiest way to get gems is to buy them. Whenever a player tries to spend more gems than available, the game quickly presents some gem packages to purchase.

Completing the TutorialEdit

A player is given 50 gems to start the tutorial. The game intends you to spend these gems during the tutorial, but it is possible to save the gems at the cost of a longer tutorial. Upon completion of the tutorial you will receive 200 additional gems for a total of 250 introductory gems.


There are all kinds of quests that yield some gems: from calling troops into battle over building defenses to reaching certain building levels. Most quests start fairly low and yield only two gems at first. Reaching level 80 and having 240 morale for the castle guard both yield 1000 gems, but will usually need months to achieve.


Once a league ends, players are rewarded with gems. Depending on the league and final rank, players get between one (bronze league, ranks 6-15) and 375 (first place in diamond league) gems.

Setting the league record for most medals in your league yields many additional gems. For example the Silver League player with the most medals, across all Silver League instances will be awarded the additional gems. Gems are awarded at the rate of 25 gems per 1000 medals. The league record is periodically reset so that the record doesn't get ridiculously high.

Diamond VaultsEdit

Completing the diamond vault levels in the dungeon for the first time is rewarded with gems.


When attackers use gems (for scrolls or reviving the hero), the defender gets a part of their gems. The defender usually earns roughly one gem per scroll or revival.

Chamber of FortuneEdit

After a successful attack, gems and other things can be won in the chamber of fortune.


On the Royal Revolt 2 Facebook page, the team of RR2 will periodically raffle off some gems. To participate, a like, share or comment is usually needed.


On the Royal Revolt  2 Forum, good amount of gems are usually give away weekly but also daily in some occasions.


You can get gems by spending Vouchers, the amount of gems depend on how many times you have already spent your voucher to get gems. Each time you spend vouchers to get free gems the amount of voucher will increase more than the amount of gems that you will get.

War Rewards ChestsEdit

You can get free gems by opening Magic Chests that you can obtain by making lot of skulls during War Season.

Daily Rewards ChestsEdit

You can get gems by opening daily magic chests or by getting a monthly card for a very low price that will assure a good amount of gems instantly and every day for 30 days.

Special offersEdit

In order to encourage spending real money, the game sometimes offers special packages. Such packages can include:

  • An upgrade for each spell used in the last battle
  • Several extra workers
  • A combination of different upgrades, extras, and gold
  • A full silo
  • A full treasure chamber combined with a gold shield

The game calculates how much such a package would cost in gems and then offers it at a huge discount, usually in the 75%-80% range.

Special offers are only presented when there aren’t enough gems to buy them so the player has to purchase gems with real money first. An offer, after being initially presented and rejected will remain available for a limited time. Click the treasure chest on the bottom right to review an offer that has not yet expired.

To get an offer it is necessary to have less gems then the offer would cost. In order to get more special offers, it is necessary to keep the number of gems in the account low. One way to do this is to hold off on collecting gems from achievements. However, the developers have changed some rewards in the past, which affected finished quests with uncollected rewards as well. For example, the Fashion King quest's reward was reduced from 1,000 to 250 – an overnight loss of 750 gems on an uncollected reward.


Gems often offer shortcuts, but there are also some things that only gems can buy. Many of these can be bought cheaper during special events .

Extra WorkersEdit

A third worker can be bought for 500 gems. After that, the cost of extra workers increases with every purchase.

Workers are cheaper during the events Boost Your Castle, Boost Your Defense, and The Advisor's Choice (It's recommended to buy workers at this time because they are at 50% discount).

New Map TerrainsEdit

New terrains can be bought for 100-150 gems each at the castle gate. Aesthetics aside, terrains have no further use. Although they are just for looks, they can also be used to trick the enemy into missing a tower. A darker terrain like graveyard is used by most of the top 10. This is probably because the reduced vision makes it harder for the attacker.

Destroying RuinsEdit

In order to clear a path for the castle’s defense, it is sometimes necessary to destroy some Ancient Ruins. The first one is cheap but cost increases with each ruin so it’s important not to remove ruins lightly.

Third Spell SlotEdit

Arguably the best investment is a third spell slot. At the cost of 600 gems this doesn’t come cheap, but having a third spell is a huge improvement in battle. The major benefit to the third spell is that the spell cooldowns don't affect each other. This means you can cast on average 50% more magic during a raid which can have a major impact.

Third Troop SlotEdit

The third troop slot costs 400 gems and offers more flexibility in battle. Since the additional units still need morale to be called into battle, the effect is not as big as having third spell slot.

Alliance TowerEdit

Building and upgrading the alliance tower can only be done using gems. Without the tower, joining an alliance isn't possible.

Upgrades for the alliance tower are cheaper during the events: Alliance Party, Boost Your Castle, Super Insta Days and Advisor's Choice (It's recomended to upgrade it at this time because it's with a 50% discount).

Melting SlotsEdit

Additional melting slots for the Blacksmith can be bought using gems. While the first few are quite affordable, these get expensive very soon.

Melting slots are cheaper during the Blacksmith event.

Inventory SlotsEdit

Additional inventory slots can be bought with gems. Aside from that, an additional slot is created for free whenever a player receives a special item from a dungeon but already has a full inventory.

Inventory slots are cheaper during the Uber Days  event.

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