Gold is the standard currency in Royal Revolt 2. It is used for upgrading everything, from buildings, to towers, to units. Some items in the gift shop can also be bought with gold. The amount of gold that a player can have at one time is limited by the Treasure Chamber, which can be upgraded.

Getting GoldEdit


The primary means of getting gold is to attack and raid other castles. Some items can increase the looted gold by a percentage which is added after the attack. You also earn a gold bonus for being in an alliance.

Taverns Edit

Collecting gold from the up to four taverns within the castle walls is the easiest way to get gold.

Quests Edit

Some of the quests can give the player gold instead of gems. These quests are mostly related to spending gems (unlocking new landscapes, using scrolls in battle, etc.).

Buying Edit

Gold can also be bought at the expense of gems. This can be done at the Treasure Chamber (filling it up to 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%) or when an upgrade is selected without having enough gold.

Selling Hero Items Edit

All items can be sold for gold, even if they were bought for gems or pearls. If the item was paid for in gold, the selling price is 10% of the purchasing price.

Chamber of Fortune Edit

If you successfully defeat an opponent's castle gate you have an opportunity to loot their Chamber of Fortune. Chests in the Chamber of Fortune frequently contain gold.

Dungeon Edit

Attacking chambers in the dungeon provides a trivial amount of gold. Completing one of the "Vein of Gold" chambers with three crowns provides a one-time substantial gold reward.

Keeping and Accumulating GoldEdit

While getting gold is technically easy, saving up for a big investment is another matter. Once a player goes offline, his or her castle is soon suggested for other players looking to attack. Especially when there’s a decent amount of gold to be looted, attacks are to be expected. Even though it’s unlikely to lose all gold (even to 100% successful attacks), losing a third or more should be expected.

There’s not much to prevent the loss of gold, but there are some helpful tactics to gather enough gold for bigger investments.

Base Protection Edit

The treasure chamber provides protection for a small fraction of its available capacity. Gold under this protection threshold cannot be stolen by other players. This doesn't mean that attackers cannot get any gold, it just means that the defending player doesn't lose any. So when the attacker sees he can get 10000 gold, and he wins, he will get 10k, but the defender won't lose any gold. The gold will be duplicated.

Gold Boost Edit

Gold boost is the percentage of bonus a player gains on the original amount of gold won from a single raid. It is absolutely essential in collecting huge amounts of gold. A player can increase his gold boost in two ways.

Gold boosting hero items Edit

There are five items a player can have gold boost on: helmet, cape, ring, belt, and boots.


Alliance Gold Boost Edit

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Each alliance has an amount of gold boost depending on the total number of trophies. This gold bonus is added on top of the players existing individual gold boost.

Gold ShieldEdit

A gold shield can be activated at the Treasure Chamber. While the shield is active, other players can still attack and even raid some gold, but the protected player won’t lose any. This is the easiest and most effective way to protect gold, rendering all the other tactics unnecessary while the shield is active.

In order to get the most out of an (expensive) gold shield, it should only be bought when there’s already an amount of gold worth protecting. Since the introduction of version 1.4, once per day you can activate a free three hour gold shield if you suffer gold loss from an attack.

Duration Cost Cooldown Cost per Day
3 hours (free) FREE 1 day FREE
3 hours Gem 20 1 day Gem 160
1 day Gem 45 10 days Gem 45
3 days Gem 180 12 days Gem 60
7 days Gem 995 14 days Gem 142

Staying OnlineEdit

Only when offline, a player can be attacked by other players. To stay online it's necessary to interact with the game from time to time – leaving the game on is not enough. In addition to periodically interacting with the game you must also occasionally attack another player. Failure to do so will eventually cause to be disconnected and you will be unable to reconnect for a period of time.

Getting online while being attackedEdit

If you get online while you are under attack, you can still play the game, but you will see a sign that you're under attack in the left-up corner of your screen, next to the amount of gold you have. If you click on it, the girl who leads you through the game will swear something and tell you how many gold they're trying to rob. When the attack is finished, you will see a pop-up with the amount of gold your defenses have managed to safe.

Attack SeriesEdit

The best way to amass the most gold in a session is doing as many attacks as possible. In order to do this, food reserves should be maximized first and food needs to be used in an efficient manner.

When several attacks are made one after another, the maximum loot that can be raided from other castles is reduced step by step.

Not AttackingEdit

The share of gold that can be looted from the player also goes down with every attack. While the first attack may result in a big loss of gold, following attacks can only take smaller parts of what’s left. However, if the player becomes active and starts attacking other players, this mechanism is reset and the next attack on the player may again result in a bigger loss. To prevent this, single attacks should be avoided.


Since gold in the player’s account is at the risk of getting stolen, it should be spent once there’s enough to make the desired investment. This usually means that other resources, like workers or buildings, need to be free at the right moment.

If the needed resources aren’t available, other investments or a gold shield should be considered to prevent a good amount of gold going to waste.

Tavern ReservesEdit

When a player has no gold left, attackers can also receive gold from taverns. It is unclear whether taverns provide any extra protection. In general, unless taverns are full and the gold is needed, it can be left there.

Item ReservesEdit

Items are often bought to replace other items. The old item can then be sold to make room in the inventory. The resulting amount of gold is often rather negligible. However, there are situations like when a player has 990K and needs a million for the next upgrade. Having items to sell can make a big difference then, which is why it makes sense to hold off on selling items right away. In the late game, item reserves can represent several million gold if managed properly. Since later upgrades can take more than a week to complete, players may find themselves with food or gold and no free buildings or workers. In this case, it makes sense to buy expensive items to sell later. Losing 90% of the gold to the shop is better than losing all of it to attackers.

Deliberately reduce your ranking Edit

For random attacks you are matched with someone who is +/- 200 trophies from you. If, before you attempt to save money, deliberately reduce your rating by several hundred points by repeatedly attacking and losing to very low ranked players, then you can drop your rating low enough that the only players who will draw you in a match are ones who have no hope of overcoming your defenses. Often they won't even attempt to attack you. This can backfire, however, as some players may use large numbers of scrolls and resurrections to obtain your horde. You can end up accumulating gems instead of gold by this method. This technique obviously requires quite a bit of food and patience.

Shortages and AbundanceEdit

While most of the time, the level of gold available in raids is more or less constant, there are times when it's either very hard or very easy to find targets with high amounts of gold.

Serious gold shortages are rare. They usually happen when many players spend their gold quickly. This is often the case during special events. For example, the "Boost your Defense" event encourages players to put their gold to good use by offering cheaper and faster upgrades. This can lead to players collecting, protecting and then spending their gold quickly, leaving little for others to raid.

An abundance of gold, on the other hand, is more common. Most of the time it occurs when additional gold is generated by the system. Sources of additional gold include ninja events and festivals with their high gold rewards. Alliance wars also provide additional gold.

Players hording their gold in anticipation of an update or an event can lead to an abundance, followed by a shortage when everyone starts spending.

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