The gold shield is a way to protect your gold from attackers. You need to pay gems to activate them (except for the free one) and they have a cooldown that's always bigger than the shield's duration by self. If you have a golden shield activated, you will not lose gold from attacks.

Gold Shields Edit

Duration Cost Cooldown
3 hours FREE Countdown 1 day
3 hours Gem 20 Countdown 1 day
1 day Gem 45 Countdown 10 days
3 days Gem 180 Countdown 12 days
7 days Gem 995 Countdown 14 days

Free Gold Shield Edit

There is a Gold Shield that protects your gold for free, and it lasts for 3 hours. The cooldown is 24 hours, therefore you can protect your gold once a day for free for three hours. You will also recieve a free 3-hour chest shield if you have been attacked.

How to activate Edit

You can activate a Gold Shield from the Main Menu, or by going to the Treasure Chamber, and then clicking at 'Protect Gold'. Then you can choose the shield you want, under each one you can see the duration and the amount of gems you need to pay for it.

Attackers Edit

If someone attacks you while you have a Gold Shield, he can still get gold, but you won't lose any amount. The gold duplicated so the attacker can get his gold, and you won't lose it.

Example: I'm attacked, and the attacker is trying to rob 100K gold. He wins 100% and gets 100K, but I have no change in my amount of gold.