Insta-Troops are regular units which appear right next to the hero when called. They must be donated by alliance members and/or friends.

Royal Revolt 2 - Using Insta Troops!

Royal Revolt 2 - Using Insta Troops!

Requesting insta-troopsEdit


An Alliance Tower is needed before any troops can be requested. After that, the insta-troops menu can be accessed

  • via the alliance menu,
  • through the alliance chat,
  • or from the attack screen.

From the menu, insta-troops can be requested. The troop types a player can request depend on the Alliance Tower level.

Requests can be made every two hours and stay active for one hour. The number of troops a player receives then depends on whether and how many other players donate troops, and the available insta-troop slots. Slots become available again when the player uses donated troops in battle.

From the insta-troops menu, it is also possible to delete donated troops directly.

Troop types, cooldowns, and slotsEdit

With insta-troops, much depends on the player's Alliance Tower. Each level unlocks an additional troop type that can be requested.

Higher tower levels also reduce the insta-troop cooldown in battle. This cooldown not only determines the time between two insta-unit calls, but also the time until the first troop can be called.

In general, higher tower levels also come with more insta-troop slots, although not each upgrade results in an additional slot. The following actions unlock additional slots:

  • Connecting with Facebook
  • Getting three Facebook friends who play the game
  • Joining an alliance
Alliance Tower Level Unlock # Summoned Cooldown Insta-Troop Slots
1 IconKnight Knight 5 30s 1
2 IconArcher Archer 3 28s
3 IconPaladin Paladin 3 26s
4 IconFroster Froster 3 25s 2
5 IconCannon Cannon 2 24s
6 IconOgre Ogre 1 23s
7 IconPyromancer Pyromancer 3 22s 3
8 IconGargoyle Gargoyle 4 21s
9 IconArblaster Arblaster 3 20s 4
10 IconMummy Mummy 1 19s
11 IconMortar Mortar 2 18s 5
12 IconWerewolf Werewolf 1 17s
13 IconMonk Monk 1 16s
14 IconNecromancer Necromancer 1 15s 6
15 IconViking Viking 1 14s 7

Donating insta-troopsEdit


After a player has requested insta-troops, alliance members and friends can donate them. Alliance members see requests at the right hand side of the alliance chat. Friends can see them in their list of friends.

A player can donate up to five troops in two hours. Two hours after the first donated troop, the five donation slots are cleared and become available again. Alternatively, the cooldown can be skipped at the cost of 25 gems.

It's important to note that there is no downside to donating troops. Unlike gold donations, which are paid from the player's gold, insta-troop donations are not taken from anywhere – they're basically created out of thin air.

Players can only donate troops at their level. This means, for example, if a player has level 14 knights, their knight donations will also be level 14.

After a troop is donated, it remains at the disposal of the receiving player until used. Donations cannot be revoked.

Using insta-troops in battleEdit

In battle, a button for insta-troops appears next to the other troop buttons. The type of the next insta-troop can be seen on the button, but the rest of the queue, as well as its size, isn't shown. The insta-troops cooldown is visualized on the button, indicating when the next troop may be called.

When called, insta-troops appear right next to the hero. They do not consume morale, but their morale cost determines how many troops will appear. Cheaper units, such as knights, come in groups, whereas unit types with high morale costs (like monks) result in single units. The exact number summoned is listed in the chart above.

On the battlefield, insta-troops bear the name of the donator.

Making the most of insta-troopsEdit

Since there is no cost associated with donating insta-troops, players should donate as many troops as they can to strengthen their alliance. This is especially important during alliance wars, when many players need insta-troops.

Before wars, it makes sense for players to fill up their slots. To provide more insta-troops early, alliance members can donate a single troop 60-90 minutes before the war begins, thus starting their cooldown. At the beginning of the war, they can then donate the rest of their troops when needed and get their five donation slots ready again quickly.

Ideally, players should focus on donating their highest level troops.