Landscapes Appearance Cost
Highland Meadows HighlandMeadows FREE
Haunted Forest HauntedForest FREE
Golden Desert GoldenDesert Gem 100
Northland Northland Gem 100
Burning Rocks BurningRocks Gem 150
Happy Birthday HappyBirthday FREE
Autumn Glade AutumnGlade Gem 150
Mystic Gardens MysticGardens Gem 150
Graveyard Graveyard Gem 150
Christmas Woods MerryChristmas Gem 150
Celestial Plains CelestialPlains Pro-Crystal 20,000

In Royal Revolt 2 there the look of the castle and the landscape surrounding it can be changed. Each landscape has its own style and its own music always surrounded with the jingle of the classic game.

In total there are eleven landscapes. Every now and then, a new one is released, sometimes for a special occasion, like the Christmas theme landscape.

Castle GateEdit

The list of landscapes is accessible through a double click on the Castle Gate or through one click on the castle gate and then clickling on the landscapes icon. You can then select a landscape from the list.

Free and Paid Landscapes Edit

Players can always choose from a set of free landscapes: Highland Meadows, Haunted Forest, Happy Birthday (only available for the Android version). Additional landscapes can be bought for gems. Players can get one of those paid lanscapes for free randomly.

The Happy Birthday landscape is only available on Android devices and celebrates an anniversary of Google Play. To players from other devices this environment appears as the Highland Meadows landscape.

Gameplay ConsiderationsEdit

Landscapes are not meant to have an effect on gameplay, but there are some details where the environment actually makes a small difference.

One such aspect is that objects like trees can get in the way, obscuring the view for an attacking player. Usually, this makes no difference, but in some situations, not being able to see exactly what's going on can be a disadvantage for the attacker. Since the attacker sees the same trees as the defender sees when building the path, players can consider trees to make their defense just a tiny bit more effective.

Screenshot 2014-08-12-23-26-29

Another aspect where landscapes make a difference is screen glare. When playing on a mobile device in a bright environment (like outside on a sunny day) the darker landscapes can be very hard to see. In such situations, players are well advised to avoid attacking landscapes like Burning Rocks or Graveyard and ideally look for the Northland environment.