Not too shiny: a king's statue at the start

Upon upgrading your Throne Room to level 3, you automatically take part in leagues. You can view the league by tapping the Statue of Glory in front of your Throne Room twice.

Leagues are groups of (up to) 15 players that compete for the highest medal count. There are five levels of leagues, starting at bronze. The top three players at the end of a league are promoted to the next league up whereas the bottom six players will be demoted one league down (except in the highest / lowest league, respectively).

To get ahead in a league, players need to earn medals from attacking other players – the higher their hero level, the more medals they can earn per attack. The amount of medals awarded after battle is proportional to the victory percentage.

Attacking players within the same league is possible, but not necessary. In the first few rounds, where players are often on a similar level, this can make sense. In higher level leagues, however, opponents' trophy counts often range from below 2000 to above 3000, meaning you won't find as many suitable opponents there.


For tips take a look at The Fifth Star - Winning Diamond League


Depending on the league's level it lasts from one to three days, starting when the first player joins. In the beginning there is a brief period when people still join the league. If it doesn't fill up fast, it's possible that it ends up with less than 15 players.

For the individual player, this usually means that a league is a few minutes shorter than one, two, or three days. However, since leagues usually fill up fast and won't take new players after some time, this usually doesn't lead to a bigger disadvantage.

To join a league, you have to tap the button "Join League" first. This means that there can be times between leagues when you don't take part in any. Since the game confronts you with this right away and gives you no other choice but to join a league, you cannot play the game without being in a league. However, you can still close the game and come back later.


At the end of each league every player receives a number of gems based on her or his final rank. Higher leagues give more gems (see below). If a league ends up with less than 15 players, gem rewards can be reduced.

Upon being promoted from a level for the first time, players also receive a star next to their name and a nicer statue for their castle. In the highest league (diamond) only the winner gets a star, making the fifth one especially hard to get.

Rewards per RankEdit

Stars Leagues Duration Leagues Leaderboard
1st 2nd 3rd 4th-5th 6th-15th
Stars1 Bronze 1 day LeagueGems 25 LeagueGems 10 LeagueGems 5 LeagueGems 3 LeagueGems 1
Stars2 Silver 1 day LeagueGems 45 LeagueGems 18 LeagueGems 9 LeagueGems 5 LeagueGems 1
Stars3 Gold 1 day LeagueGems 75 LeagueGems 30 LeagueGems 15 LeagueGems 8 LeagueGems 2
Stars4 Platinum 2 days LeagueGems 175 LeagueGems 70 LeagueGems 35 LeagueGems 18 LeagueGems 4
Stars5 Diamond 3 days LeagueGems 375 LeagueGems 150 LeagueGems 75 LeagueGems 38 LeagueGems 8

League up/downEdit

Normally (for all leagues except for the diamond) the first 3 players in the league go to the next league (green), and the 6 lowest players go one league down (red). The players that are not red or green stay in the same league. In the diamond league only one player is in green, the number one, and that 's the only winner of that league. However, he/she will stay in the diamond league. In the diamond league are six red places, also.

Medal BoostEdit

Only through the matchmaking system, you will get a percentage-based bonus on the medals you earn for that attack depending on your current position in the global leaderboard.

Placement in Leaderboard Medal Boost
1-10 Medals 50%
11-100 Medals 25%
101-500 Medals 10%
501 - 1000 Medals 5%
1001+ Medals 0%