The Ogre's massive club even reaches Firebolt Towers.  Evade his strikes to survive!

Description Edit

This is one of the monster units added in the 1.4.0 patch to RR2.

The ogre hits extremely hard, but his attack rate is very slow. It is possible for the hero to dodge his swings by running behind the ogre as soon as he begins the attack animation.

A skilled attacker will almost always dodge the ogre's strike, but units will have a very hard time killing an ogre without the hero's help. Since it's so dangerous to let one get behind the hero, the ogre's main strength on defense lies in slowing down the attack while ranged units approach to back it up.

Unlocking and upgradingEdit

The Ogre is unlocked when you complete this Dungeon chamber: Behemoth Chamber I. It upgrades to level 7 when you complete this chamber: Behemoth Chamber VII.

Attack Edit

The ogre deals Blunt Damage with his massive club. The ogre has both positive and negative aspects of being used in attack.

Advantages of using the Ogre in attack Edit

  • Huge Blunt Damage: The ogre deals a massive amount of blunt damage per strike with its huge club. All towers, obstacles and the castle gate have a huge weakness to blunt damage and therefore get destroyed pretty easily by ogres. This makes the ogre a fierce competitor with the cannon.
  • AoE Type Damage: The ogre deals AoE damage which means when it aims its club at anything, all enemies within close range of that strike will take massive damage. Thus it is possible for the ogre to hit several units at once, even units and structures at the same time and also more than one tower at once if the towers are placed very closly to each other, especially at corners.
  • Huge HP: The ogre has almost 11,000 HP at max level. Even more once the elite boost stunning ogre is activated. As such it is a tank of an unit.
  • Ability to Attack Firebolt Towers and Lightning Towers: The ogre is the one of the two only melee units in the game that has enough range to attack firebolt towers, a feat not even the hero is capable of.
  • Blunt Resistance: The ogre is one of the few units in the game that can survive an onslaught by a wave full of gargoyles because of its blunt resistance of 25% and its huge HP.
  • Attacks Traps: The ogre is one of the few units that attacks spikes and is capable of damaging them. The ogre doesn't walk over spikes like a lot of other units. They generally destroy spikes in 1 hit.

Drawbacks of using the Ogre in attack Edit

  • Huge Morale Cost: The ogre is a very expensive unit to summon at a morale cost of 12. Thus it's only feasible for players with very high leadership (more than 9000).
  • Extremely Dumb AI: The ogre is probably the dumbest unit in the game. Sometimes it will just stand without doing anything and keep taking attacks from enemy troops.
  • Very Low Rate of Attack: The ogre has probably the lowest attack rate in the game. Thus even though it does a huge amount of damage per strike it is cancelled out by its low attack rate.
  • Slow Movement Speed: The ogre is ranked at 6th in the unit speed rankings. In addition to their slow moving speed, ogres have to stop and take some time to strike, which slows them down even more. This makes it difficult to use within the two and half minutes of a raid as ogres summoned later on in the raid never make it to the front lines. The situation gets even worse if the enemy base has frosters in its waves which will make the ogre even slower than it already is.
  • Massive Weakness To Piercing: This is one of the main reasons to not use the ogre as an attacking unit. The achilles heel of the ogre is piercing damage. Despite the mentioned weakness of 50% to piercing the ogre tends to take a lot more damage than that to arrows. Almost all enemy bases deploy archers or arblasters, the nemesis of the ogre, in their waves. They are able to dispose off ogres from bi lanes very quickly unless dealt with beforehand by the hero. Thus despite its monstrous amount of HP it gets killed very easily by a wave of archers/arblasters or a group of high level arrow towers.
  • Blocking Path of other Friendly Units: The ogre is huge in size being a monster unit. Therefore two ogres generally completely occupy the narrow path during raiding, while moving. Since the ogre moves so slowly this can cause other friendly troops to get blocked out behind them, preventing them to get to the aid of the hero quickly. Also when ogres are attacking towers, they wont leave any room for other melee units to join in. This is also the case near the castle gate. When attacking a firebolt tower in a corner, two ogres can sometimes block each other so that none of them can reach the tower.

How to Use the Ogre more Effectively and Overcome some of its Drawbacks Edit

  • High Leadership (over 9000): With such high leadership the morale cost of 12 is less of a problem and ogres can be summoned much faster.
  • Hero Scream and Battlecry: The Hero Scream and Battlecry are effective ways to fix the dumb AI of the ogre, make it attack at a much faster rate and move more quickly. This can be done using a Raging Wolf or Howl along with ogres to battlecry them or using the Battlecry scroll. If Battlecry is not available to the player then hero scream can be used but is less effective than battle cry.
  • Tackling Weakness to Piercing Actively with the Hero: The Hero can dispose off advancing squads of enemy archers and arblasters quickly with the help of an high level Swordrain or Toxic Cloud spell, thus keeping them off the ogre. When this is not possible, using heal to restore lost HP to the ogre or using shield to increase its HP can also help to a great degree. Taking out arrow towers with the help of Firestorm or Sonic Blast will also help.

Defence Edit

The ogre is usually a good defensive unit and is used a lot in defensive waves.

Advantages of using Ogres in Defence Edit

  • Stalling Raiding Parties: The ogre has huge amounts of HP and doesnt die with a single spell (except for a max Swordrain). As such it wastes time of the raiding party by making the hero focus on killing the ogre instead of the towers. Also, most of the times players dont bring archers or arblasters, and therefore if the hero leaves the ogre behind for his units to deal with, it might kill those units with ease and sometimes even destroy the tent.
  • Ability to Kill Enemy Hero: If the raiding hero is careless in front of an ogre and gets hit by its club the hero will lose a substantial part of its health or even die instantly, especially if this occurs right when the hero is next to the castle gate, usually at very low health. The ogre will appear by surprise, and almost immediately after, take a strike at the hero. Most of the time though, players are able to dodge an ogre's strike, though.
  • Distraction to raiding troops in front of the castle gate: In high level gameplay, a lot of times raids go down, right to the very last few seconds. As such, if only 4 to 5 seconds are left on the clock and the castle gate is almost down, and an ogre comes out of the gate at that point, the attacking troops (except canons) will shift their rate of fire towards the ogre from the gate. This will waste the last few seconds, preventing a 100% victory.

Shortcomings of the Ogre as a defensive unit Edit

  • Huge Morale Cost: Defensive waves cost a lot of gold to upgrade. The average player wont have wave points over 19 or 22. If 12 of those points were spent on using an ogre it would barely leave room for just 2-3 more units. Thus, players will need to upgrade their defensive waves to a decent level in order to still have room for other units after using an ogre.
  • Risky Investment: For 12 points the ogre can be considered a very risky investment. Whether or not the ogre will cause any damage to the hero depends purely on if the player makes a careless mistake. If the attacker is skilled, there is a big chance for the ogre to die without doing any damage whatsoever to the hero.
  • Massive Piercing Weakness: The ogre can be killed instantly by a max level swordrain. Groups of high level archers and arblasters finish off ogres in a few seconds.


Level Health Damage
1 Health 3,300 BluntDamage 350
2 Health 4,460 BluntDamage 508
3 Health 6,020 BluntDamage 737
4 Health 8,130 BluntDamage 1,069
5 Health 10,980 BluntDamage 1,550
6 Health 13,730 BluntDamage 1,938
7 Health 15,100 BluntDamage 2,132
8 Health 16,610 BluntDamage 2,345

Level Health Damage XP
1 Health 2,400 BluntDamage 350 IconXP 60
2 Health 3,360 BluntDamage 508 IconXP 93
3 Health 4,700 BluntDamage 737 IconXP 144
4 Health 6,580 BluntDamage 1,069 IconXP 223
5 Health 9,210 BluntDamage 1,550 IconXP 346
6 Health 11,510 BluntDamage 1,938 IconXP 536
7 Health 12,890 BluntDamage 2,132 IconXP 616
8 Health 14,180 BluntDamage 2,345 IconXP 650

IconInfo To see the full List of IconXP XP values for everything which yields XP, check this page.

Forgings LevelsEdit

Forgings Levels Pearls Cost Cooldown Success Chance Max Fails
+1 Pearl 75 Time 9h 18m ButtonConfirm 66.6% ButtonCancel 0
+2 Pearl 150 Time 18h 36m ButtonConfirm 55.5% ButtonCancel 0
+3 Pearl 225 Time 1d 3h 54m ButtonConfirm 44.4% ButtonCancel 1
+4 Pearl 300 Time 1d 13h 12m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+5 Pearl 300 Time 2d 7h 48m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+6 Pearl 300 Time 3d 11h 42m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+ Pearl 300 Time 6d 23h 24m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
IconBoostForge Forgings Health Health Bonus IconSpeedBoost Speed IconAttackRate Attack Rate
+1 +293 1.75 0.30
+2 +586 1.77 0.31
+3 +879 1.79 0.31
+4 +1,172 1.81 0.31
+5 +1,465 1.84 0.32
+6 +1,758 1.86 0.32
+7 +2,051 1.88 0.32
+8 +2,344 1.90 0.33
+9 +2,637 1.93 0.33
+10 +2,930 1.95 0.33
+11 +3,223 1.97 0.34
+12 +3,516 1.99 0.34
+13 +3,809 2.01 0.35
+14 +4,102 2.03 0.35
+15 +4,395 2.05 0.35
+16 +4,684 2.08 0.36
+17 +4,949 2.10 0.37
+18 +5,179 2.11 0.37
+19 +5,369 2.13 0.37
+20 +5,524 2.14 0.37
+21 +5,650 2.15 0.37
+22 +5,753 2.15 0.37
+23 +5,837 2.16 0.37
+24 +5,907 2.17 0.37
+25 +5,966 2.17 0.37
+26 +6,016 2.17 0.37
+27 +6,059 2.18 0.37
+28 +6,097


+29 +6,129 2.18 0.37
+30 +6,158 2.18 0.37
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
MAX Health +6,588 IconSpeedBoost 2.21 IconAttackRate 0.37

Elite Boost (Stunning Ogre)Edit

Stunning Ogre LevelsEdit

Level Alliance Level Stun Power Boost Health Boost
1 15 StunNeutral 53% Health 40%
2 31 StunNeutral 68% Health 45%
3 39 StunNeutral 84% Health 50%
4 47 StunNeutral 100% Health 60%
5 54 StunNeutral 100% Health 75%
6 64 StunNeutral 100% Health 85%


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