Pals are supportive pets that help you alongside your hero during the battle, with their own unique abilities. They cannot be harmed or affected by buffs or debuffs, and cannot die. Each of them differ by their normal attack and Special Abilities. Their special ability is on a loop that continues for your entire battle and it recharges roughly every 10 seconds.

Skins can be applied to pals and are earned through rare special events. This is shown by a snowflake icon in your pal list, and contribute nothing to the stats of the pal other than change their appearances.

Certain items perks can boost a Pal's damage or special ability.

Pals ListEdit

Pal Name Damage Range Ability
Extra Bonus
Tammy Tammy BluntDamage Blunt Range 0.60 Range 5.00 IconAttackRate 1.00 Healing Heal
Pal-A-Din Pal-A-Din
Irmgard Irmgard BluntDamage Blunt Range 0.60 Range 5.00 IconAttackRate 1.00 IconKnockback Knockback
Archimedes Archimedes PiercingDamage Piercing Range 1.00 Range Varies IconAttackRate 1.00

StunNeutral Stun Power

BluntDamage Blunt

Howl Howl NormalDamage Normal Range 0.60 Range Varies IconAttackRate 1.00 Icon Howl Howl Range
Growl Growl NormalDamage Normal Range 0.60 Range Varies IconAttackRate 1.00 IconIntimidate Intimidate
Eldrak Eldrak FireDamage Fire Range 1.50 Range 6.50 IconAttackRate 1.00 FireDamage Firestorm
Nidhogg Nidhogg

FireDamage Fire

PoisonDamage Poison

Range 1.50 Range 5.50 IconAttackRate 1.00 IconShadowMorale Shadow
Bucky Bucky NormalDamage Normal Range 1.00 Range 5.00 IconAttackRate 1.00 ShieldHealth Shield Health
Aki Aki NormalDamage Normal Range 0.60 Range 6.50 IconAttackRate 1.00 IconConfusion Confusion
Aska Aska Icon?Damage ??????? Range 0.60 Range N/A IconAttackRate 1.00 IconSummoning Summoning
Kaiser Kaiser BluntDamage Blunt Range 0.60 Range 3.00 IconAttackRate 1.00 BluntDamage Sonic Blast IconGoldBoost Gold Boost
Bela Bela

BluntDamage Blunt

PoisonDamage Poison

Range 0.60 Range N/A IconAttackRate 1.00

IconLifeDrain Life Drain

IconInfection Infection

Fritz Fritz IceDamage Ice Range 5.00 Range 5.00 IconAttackRate 1.00 IceDamage Blizzard
Hans Hans BluntDamage Blunt Range 1.50 Range 4.00 IconAttackRate 1.00 FireDamage Lava IconPearl Pearl Boost
Phoebe Phoebe NormalDamage Normal Range 1.00 Range 4.00 IconAttackRate 1.00 Healing Healing Power IconPro-Bonus +1
Eris Eris LightningDamage Lightning Range 1.00 Range 6.00 IconAttackRate 1.00 Swordrain Swordrain IconPro-Bonus +1
Ceres Ceres

NormalDamage Normal

Range 0.60 Range 5.50 IconAttackRate 1.00 IconSpiritHowlMorale Spirit Howl
IconPro-Bonus +1
Janus Janus NormalDamage Normal Range 1.00 Range N/A IconAttackRate 1.00 IconPortal Portal IconPro-Bonus +1
Nemesis Nemesis IconRandomBomb ???-Bombs Range 1.50 Range N/A IconAttackRate 1.00 IconTransform Transform IconPro-Bonus +1
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