Place a portal and for a limited time all new units you call will spawn from this location.

Using this scroll creates a portal at the location of the hero. For the duration of the effect, new units always spawn at the portal instead of the tent. This can be very helpful in getting units to the hero quickly, especially at the castle gate. A drawback of this scroll is that since no more units spawn from the tent for a time, this leaves the tent unguarded against defending units that have slipped through.


Level Duration Cooldown Cost Requirement
1 Countdown 15.0s Countdown 40.00s Gem 10 Wizard's Tower lvl 5
2 Countdown 18.0s Countdown 35.00s Gem 11 Hero Level 71
3 Countdown 20.0s Countdown 30.00s Gem 12 Hero Level 92
4 Countdown 25.0s Countdown 30.00s Gem 13 Hero Level 100
5 Countdown 30.0s Countdown 30.00s Gem 14 Hero Level