Tap here to scream
During an attack, players can let their hero scream by tapping his portrait in the upper left corner. The scream increases his attack rate and calls nearby units to the hero. Units affected by scream also have their attack rate increased. Their moving speed is also increased. Units under the effect of scream have an exclamation mark above them.

Scream removes the negative effects of freezing, stun, and panic from both the hero and affected troops. It also blocks those effects until the scream wears off.

When the hero screams, allied troops nearby rush blindly towards the hero – most of the time. In some cases this doesn't happen right away. For example, when a unit is busy attacking it might simply attack at a faster rate – for a moment or until it's done. When the hero starts moving, units rush along immediately and only commence attacking when the hero stops or the scream wears off.

Scream crown
In general, screaming has a very positive effect on the hero, but can be a mixed blessing for nearby troops that stop attacking and become vulnerable while rushing towards the hero.

Like spells and scrolls, the scream ability has a cooldown. This cooldown appears do depend on the hero's level, so that higher level heros can use the ability more frequently. Items marked with an exclamation mark also help decrease this cooldown. When the hero is resurrected, the scream's cooldown is also recharged immediately.

Using ScreamEdit

Scream on mummy
The scream ability can be used in a number of different situations: for the hero, for troops, or for both. Troops affected by it have exclamation points flashing above their heads.

Hero Attack PowerEdit

Scream can be used to just increase the hero's attacking power. With increased attack rate the hero is essentially able to deliver more damage per second. This can be helpful in all sorts of situations, but especially when the hero is alone in front of the castle gate and needs to do as much damage as possible.

Overcome Slowing EffectsEdit

Using scream, a player can remove all slowing effects from both the hero and nearby troops. This can be helpful if a defender uses many high level frosters that keep the hero slowed most of the time. The removal of this effect can appear like a speed boost to the hero since he is suddenly able to run at full speed again.

At times, removing slowing effects can be the only way to flee from an enemy, especially when it enables the hero to outrun gargoyles.

The uninterrupted high moving speed after screaming can be helpful to ensure that an attacker can get the most out of touch & go spells like Firestorm or Sonic Blast. Uninterrupted by slowing effects the hero is able to take such spells to more enemy units or structures in the short duration that these spells allow. This can greatly increase the impact of such spells but has an adverse effect on allied troops nearby as they are basically just dragged along from target to target.

Blocking Negative EffectsEdit

Since scream blocks out freezing, stun, and panic, it can be used to shield units or call them back to order. This can be especially helpful as an effective way to counter the panic inflicted by a werewolf's howl or a mummy's stun. As units are immune to these effects until scream wears off, they're better able to fight those monsters while those still waste time on useless howls or stuns.

Troop Attack PowerEdit

If the hero doesn't move, nearby units will reach him and then start to attack enemies in range with a higher attack rate. This often prevents the hero from attacking as he has to stand still or otherwise pull troops with him. Using scream this way often makes sense near at the castle gate, when the increased attack rate from cannons outweighs the loss of the hero's attack power. However, if the hero then has to move to engage emerging troops or use a spell, the advantage is lost while troops stop attacking and just move along.

Positioning UnitsEdit

Sometimes units just ignore an enemy unit or structure and don't move in range to attack them. This can be helpful in situations with longer ranged units in the next lane, with cleverly placed towers, or with towers right next to the castle gate. Using scream and moving into the desired position himself, the hero can guide troops into range so that they can start attacking.

Pulling TroopsEdit

Many defenses have chokepoints where enemy units fire from a neighboring lane while attacking units try to fight them off. Often times these parts are designed in a way that cannons focus on a structure or mortars in the adjacent lane as well, basically just wasting their time. Scream can be used to save troops away from such battles.