The Statue of Glory is the statue in front of your Throne Room. Once your Throne Room is upgraded to level 3, you can open the league menu by clicking on it.

Statue Upgrades Edit

You get stars for your Statue by winning Leagues. If you win the Bronze league, you get 1 star, Silver league, 2 stars, and so on. Currently, the Diamond league is the highest league at which you will receive 5 stars. When you are awarded an extra star, the statue's appearance will change accordingly.

You are promoted for being top 3 in your league when the tournament ends; you cannot be promoted from Diamond.

You will not lose stars for being demoted; you cannot be demoted from Bronze.

In order from lowest to highest league: Bronze → SIlver → Gold → Platinum → Diamond

Amount of stars Images
Statue with 0 star.
Statue with 1 star.
Statue with 2 stars.
Statue with 3 stars.
Statue with 4 stars.
Platina Statue
Statue with 5 stars.