There are currently three different subscriptions in Royal Revolt 2 which can be accessed from the Shop Menu under “Subscriptions”.

  • Subscriptions last for a month
  • Subscriptions are renewed automatically unless you cancel them before their renewal
  • Once a subscription has been cancelled, it will still run until its last day
  • A subscription cannot be refunded once it has started. Thus, remember to cancel your subscription on time before its renewal if you no longer want to use it.
  • You can have multiple subscriptions of different type running at the same time. I.e. you can be subscribed to both the Pro-Subscription and Alliance-Subscription (or the three of them) at the same time.
  • Game features that can be affected by subscriptions are indicated with a small scroll icon and a green “+” next to them.


There are three subscription: The Pro-Subscription, the Alliance-Subscription and the Kingdom-Subscription, each of them offering different benefits and at a different price.


The Pro-Subscription

The Pro-Subscription is intended to players who have a playstyle more focused on high level competition and the Pro-League. If you wanted to invest more time in the Pro-League, this subscription may be interesting for you.

Below is a breakdown of what you get with the Pro-Subscription:


The Alliance-Subscription

The Alliance-Subscription is more relevant for players who focus essentially on their alliances and want to add another layer of benefits and comfort to the alliance and its members such as more regular donations and Gem incomes for all members.

Below is a breakdown of what you get with the Alliance-Subscription:

IconInfo The alliance subscription pack applies to the alliance the member is currently in. However, it has a 24hr cooldown period. So if a member leaves one alliance for another, it will be 24 hours before the new alliance starts receiving benefits.

The Kingdom-Subscription

Last but not least, the Kingdom-Subscription is ideal for players who want to focus mainly on the PvE aspects of the game and get benefits that reduce the cooldown of specific features or increase Production Boosts, ideal if you want to catch-up on the latest additions or save time when trying to get the best gear.

Below is a breakdown of what you get with the Kingdom-Subscription:


Prices of SubscriptionsEdit

Prices of Subscription Pro-Subscription Alliance-Subscription Kingdom-Subscription
Cost in EUR €10,99 €50,99 €100,99
Cost in USD $9,99 $49,99 $99,99
Cost in DKK Kr Kr Kr
Cost in JPY ¥ ¥ ¥
Cost in VND

Cancelling a SubscriptionEdit