"The Tavern is the place where your folk celebrate your victories. A good feast is good income. Upgrade the Tavern so that more of your people can celebrate allowing you to increase your income."

A city can have up to 4 taverns. These are the places your villagers and knights alike can sit down for a drink, bringing in some extra money. Over time, taverns will accumulate gold up to their maximum hold. You can click on these taverns, whenever there is a floating coin above them, to collect however much gold they have made so far. Upgrading taverns (or building new ones) increases their gold income and the maximum amount they can hold before it needs collecting. You start off with a maximum of two taverns, and at throne room levels 3 and 5 you are able to construct another one.

Efficiency Edit

To upgrade one tavern from 1 to 20, it will cost a total of 33,676,000 gold. For a single tavern to pay for the cost of its own upgrades, it will take 169 days (34 days with constant boosts), and 51 additional downtime-days spent upgrading. The graph below visualizes the cost vs. benefit scaling of taverns.

Tavern cost-vs-benefit

When considering the improved rate per level and the cost to upgrade to that rate, it is most efficient to put tavern upgrades at a lower priority when it reaches Level 13, until a player can afford to spend gold on Levels 14-16. Maximum benefit over cost occurs from Levels 10-12, and after Level 16.


Level Requirement Capacity Income

per hour


to fill







1 Throne Room level 1 Treasure 6,000 Gold 1K Countdown 6h Gold 250 Time 2m
2 Treasure 8,400 Gold 1.2K Countdown 7h Gold 750 Time 10m
3 Throne Room level 2 Treasure 11,200 Gold 1.4K Countdown 8h Gold 2.5K Time 30m IconBoostDuration 10h
4 Treasure 14,400 Gold 1.6K Countdown 9h Gold 7.5K Time 1h IconBoostDuration 10h
5 Throne Room level 3 Treasure 18,000 Gold 1.8K Countdown 10h Gold 15K Time 2h IconBoostDuration 10h
6 Throne Room level 4 Treasure 23,100 Gold 2.1K Countdown 11h Gold 25K Time 4h IconBoostDuration 10h
7 Throne Room level 5 Treasure 28.800 Gold 2.4K Countdown 12h Gold 50K Time 8h IconBoostDuration 10h
8 Throne Room level 6 Treasure 44.800 Gold 2.8K Countdown 16h Gold 75K Time 12h IconBoostDuration 10h
9 Throne Room level 7 Treasure 64K Gold 3.2K Countdown 20h Gold 100K Time 1d IconBoostDuration 10h
10 Throne Room level 8 Treasure 90K Gold 3.75K Countdown 25h Gold 200K Time 1d 12h IconBoostDuration 10h
11 Throne Room level 9 Treasure 162K Gold 4.5K Countdown 36h Gold 400K Time 2d IconBoostDuration 10h
12 Treasure 264K Gold 5.5K Countdown 48h Gold 800K Time 3d IconBoostDuration 10h
13 Treasure 312K Gold 6.5K Countdown 48h Gold 1.5M Time 3d 12h IconBoostDuration 10h
14 Treasure 336K Gold 7K Countdown 48h Gold 2.5M Time 4d IconBoostDuration 10h
15 Treasure 360K Gold 7.5K Countdown 48h Gold 3.5M Time 4d 12h IconBoostDuration 10h
16 Treasure 384K Gold 8K Countdown 48h Gold 4.5M Time 5d IconBoostDuration 10h
17 Treasure 432K Gold 9K Countdown 48h Gold 5M Time 5d 12h IconBoostDuration 10h
18 Throne Room level 10 Treasure 500К Gold 10К Countdown 50h Gold 5.5M Time 6d IconBoostDuration 10h
19 Throne Room level 11 Treasure 600K Gold 12K Countdown 50h Gold 6M Time 6d 12h IconBoostDuration 10h
20 Throne Room level 12 Treasure 781K Gold 15K Countdown 50h Gold 6.5M Time 7d IconBoostDuration 10h