The tent is the place from where attackers spawn units from. It has health and damage that scales depending on your player level.


Upon attacking an enemy, you begin with full health and a base amount of morale. The tent is located at the start of your defense path and it's the place where your units spawn when you call them. If your units are overwhelmed by the enemy's waves and destroy the tent, the attack will result in a defeat. Your tent can retaliate, firing like a weaker Arrow Tower, but with resistances and weaknesses similar to a Bomb Tower.

Testing Your Own DefensesEdit

You can test your own defenses too. You can do that by clicking on your tent (in front of your base, at the start of your defense path) and then clicking the button "Test Defenses". In "Test Mode", battling costs no food resource, and you will not earn any experience, gold, medals, trophies, or progress on achievements. All scrolls and resurrections will cost no gems to use, which makes it an effective method for stress-testing your base. Using Insta-Troops will also not deduct them from your donations.

Tent LevelsEdit

Health and Damage of the tent correspond to the player's level. The values scale per 10 player levels, rather than each level. Attack Rate, Range, Resistances, and Weaknesses of the tent do not change.

Levels Health Damage
1-9 Health 4,000 PiercingDamage 50
10-19 Health 5,000* PiercingDamage 70
20-29 Health 6,000 PiercingDamage 90
30-39 Health 7,350 PiercingDamage 110
40-49 Health 9,000* PiercingDamage 130
50-59 Health 11,030 PiercingDamage 150

Health 15,510*

PiercingDamage 170
70-79 Health 16,550 PiercingDamage 190
80-89 Health 20,270 PiercingDamage 210
90-99 Health 24,830 PiercingDamage 230
100-109 Health 30,420 PiercingDamage 250
110-119 Health 37,260 PiercingDamage 270
120-129 Health 45,640 PiercingDamage 290
130 Health 55,910* PiercingDamage 310

Values with asterisk need to be confirmed.