This scroll has the power to slow down time.

Timewarp slows down time – but only for the defender. While attacking troops move normally, defending troops and towers are slowed down considerably. The timer also slows down, effectively giving the attacker more time to finish the attack.


Level Duration Cooldown Slowdown Cost Requirement
1 Countdown 8.0s Countdown 70.00s PerkSlowdown 80% Gem 10 Wizard's Tower lvl 7
2 Countdown 10.0s Countdown 65.00s PerkSlowdown 80% Gem 11 Hero Level 51
3 Countdown 13.0s Countdown 60.00s PerkSlowdown 80% Gem 12 Hero Level 73
4 Countdown 15.0s Countdown 55.00s PerkSlowdown 80% Gem 13 Hero Level 95
5 Countdown 16.0s Countdown 50.00s PerkSlowdown 80% Gem 13 Hero Level 104