About Edit

Not all units in the game have the same movement speed. Some are much faster and some much slower. Below we rank the units according to their movement speed, moving on from the fastest to the slowest.

Distance Edit

The distance used to measure each unit's speed in the rankings below is 9 squares on a straight path from the tent right to the beginning of the castle gate square.

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What is a square? Edit

A square is what you will see if you click anywhere on the layout out your base. The entire base is divided into several squares. For measurement purposes we will be using squares as the unit for distance.

Picture examples of 9 squares on your base and Mini Map Edit

9 squares distance
This is how 9 squares would look like on your mini map and on on your base.

 Unit Speed TableEdit

Units Ranks Time to cover 9 squares Speed Test Example
Werewolf 1st Time 11s IconSpeedBoost 4.00
Gargoyle 2nd Time 13s IconSpeedBoost 3.00
FrosterKnightNecromancer 3rd Time 19s IconSpeedBoost 2.25
CannonMummyMonk 4th Time 21s IconSpeedBoost 2.00 


5th Time 25s IconSpeedBoost 1.73