Units are a fundamental part of Royal Revolt in both attacking and defending. Some unit types can be unlocked by upgrading the Troop Academy where they can be upgraded as well. Other units – monsters – have to be unlocked and upgraded by finishing their respective caverns in the dungeon.

List of Units Edit


Name Morale
Speed Damage Range Attack
Resistances Weaknesses
Knight Knight IconStartMorale 1 IconSpeedBoost 2.25 NormalDamage Normal Range 0.80 IconAttackRate 0.85 PoisonDamage 50%
Archer Archer IconStartMorale 2 IconSpeedBoost 1.73 PiercingDamage Piercing Range 3.50 IconAttackRate 1.00 PiercingDamage 50%
Paladin Paladin IconStartMorale 3 IconSpeedBoost 1.73 BluntDamage Blunt Range 1.00 IconAttackRate 0.85 PiercingDamage 75% BluntDamage 50% PoisonDamage 100% NormalDamage 95%
Ogre Ogre IconStartMorale 12 IconSpeedBoost 1.73 BluntDamage Blunt Range 1.20 IconAttackRate 0.30 BluntDamage 25% PiercingDamage 50%
Froster Froster IconStartMorale 3 IconSpeedBoost 2.25 IceDamage Ice Range 5.70 IconAttackRate 0.75 BluntDamage 90% IceDamage 75% FireDamage 100%
Gargoyle Gargoyle IconStartMorale 4 IconSpeedBoost 3.00 BluntDamage Blunt Range 3.50 IconAttackRate 1.00 PiercingDamage 50% FireDamage 50% IceDamage 50%
Cannon Cannon IconStartMorale 5 IconSpeedBoost 1.99 BluntDamage Blunt Range 6.00 IconAttackRate 0.20 BluntDamage 50% PoisonDamage 50% NormalDamage 100% FireDamage 100% ▼
Pyromancer Pyromancer IconStartMorale 4 IconSpeedBoost 1.73 FireDamage Fire Range Varies IconAttackRate 0.50 FireDamage 75% PoisonDamage 75% IceDamage 100% PiercingDamage 50%
Mummy Mummy IconStartMorale 14 IconSpeedBoost 2.00 PoisonDamage Poison Range 1.00 IconAttackRate 0.50 PiercingDamage 50% PoisonDamage 50% FireDamage 50%
Arblaster Arblaster IconStartMorale 4 IconSpeedBoost 1.73 PiercingDamage Piercing Range 5.50 IconAttackRate 4.00 PoisonDamage 100%
Werewolf Werewolf IconStartMorale 16 IconSpeedBoost 4.00 NormalDamage Normal Range 1.00 IconAttackRate 1.20 FireDamage 50% PiercingDamage 25% IceDamage 75%
Mortar Mortar IconStartMorale 5 IconSpeedBoost 1.73 PoisonDamage Poison Range 6.00 IconAttackRate 0.25 LightningDamage 100% PiercingDamage 50% FireDamage 100%
Monk Monk IconStartMorale 10 IconSpeedBoost 2.00 NormalDamage Normal Range 1.20 IconAttackRate 0.50 PiercingDamage 100% FireDamage 50%
Necromancer Necromancer IconStartMorale 15 IconSpeedBoost 2.25 NormalDamage Normal
LightningDamage Lightning
Range N/A IconAttackRate 0.85 LightningDamage 100% PoisonDamage 80% PiercingDamage 100% IceDamage 100%
Viking Viking IconStartMorale 16 IconSpeedBoost 2.00 BluntDamage Blunt Range 0.80 IconAttackRate Varies NormalDamage 50% IceDamage 100% FireDamage 50%
Types of Ninjas
IconNinja Ninja IconInstaTroop Instant IconSpeedBoost 4.00 NormalDamage Normal Range 0.80 IconAttackRate 4.00 PiercingDamage 100% FireDamage 100% PoisonDamage 200%
IconToxicNinja Toxic Ninja IconInstaTroop Instant IconSpeedBoost 4.00 PoisonDamage Poison Range 4.00 IconAttackRate 0.50 PiercingDamage 100% FireDamage 100%
IconFrostNinja Frost Ninja IconInstaTroop Instant IconSpeedBoost 4.00 IceDamage Ice Range 0.80 IconAttackRate 4.00 PiercingDamage 100% FireDamage 100%
IconPyroNinja Pyro Ninja IconInstaTroop Instant IconSpeedBoost 4.00 FireDamage Fire Range Varies IconAttackRate 0.50 PiercingDamage 100% FireDamage 100% IceDamage 100% PoisonDamage 50%
IconBruteNinja Brute Ninja IconInstaTroop Instant IconSpeedBoost 3.00 BluntDamage Blunt Range 0.80 IconAttackRate 4.00 PiercingDamage 100% FireDamage 100% PoisonDamage 200%
IconStoneNinja Stone Ninja IconInstaTroop Instant IconSpeedBoost 3.00 NormalDamage Normal Range 0.80 IconAttackRate 4.00 FireDamage 100% PoisonDamage 200%
Special Event Units
Yeti Yeti IconInstaTroop Instant IconSpeedBoost 2.25 IceDamage Ice Range 4.50 IconAttackRate 0.50 PiercingDamage 100% LightningDamage 100% FireDamage 75%
Zombie Zombie IconInstaTroop Instant IconSpeedBoost 1.50 NormalDamage Normal Range 0.80 IconAttackRate 0.50 LightningDamage 100% PiercingDamage 90% FireDamage 100%

Unit CharacteristicsEdit

Each troop type has its own perks and abilities as well as its own weaknesses.

Morale CostEdit

Using troops in battle requires morale. On the offense, morale recharges and can be spend to call more troops. On the defense, waves provide limited morale to be spend on troops. In general, stronger units have a higher morale cost.


Its health, or hit points (HP), determines how much damage a unit can take before dying. Health can be restored through healing.

Moving SpeedEdit

Some units are faster than others. With the exception of the werewolf, which is significantly faster, the differences aren't that big. To know more about the speed of Units, check this page: Unit Speed Rankings.

Attack RateEdit

A unit's attack rate refers to the number of attacks it can perform in a second. A unit's attack rate can also affect its actual moving speed since it has to stop until a strike is completed.


In Royal Revolt 2, a unit's damage always refers to damage per hit, which does not factor in attack rate. This gives a good view of how much potential the unit has per hit. For example, a cannon deals only moderate damage per second, but takes five seconds to shoot, resulting a lot of damage per shot, thus it's ability might be over-estimated. A boosted storm cannon, at the same time, has a higher attack rate which can actually mean less damage per shot. Similarly, an arblasters' attack might seem low, but its damage per second, (DPS) would be very high given that it has an attack rate of 4.00.

Damage TypeEdit

All units deal some type of damage on enemy troops or structures. With elite boosts, sometimes a second damage type is added.


Units can have resistances against several damage types, reducing the damage they receive when hit with it.

For 50% resistance, it means the damage is divided by 2. For example, if you would deal 10 damage to the ninja without him having resistance, with the 50% resistance you will deal only 5. So if a unit has a 100% resistance to something, it will get no damage at all.


Contrary to resistances, units can also have weaknesses against damage types. When hit with such a damage type, the unit takes additional damage.


Some units only deal melee damage while others have a bigger range. Ranged units are able to attack across lane borders.

Attack AreaEdit

While some units only attack a single target, others' attacks have an area of effect ("AoE damage"), allowing them to hit multiple targets at once.


Most units travel along the path until they see a target to engage and then go for it. However, not all units behave the same in every aspect. For example, some units make exceptions in what they attack and ignore.

Special AbilitiesEdit

In addition to their primary attack, some units have additional capabilities. For example, a mummy can stun enemies.

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