As a major update, version 1.4 introduced the dungeon and monsters to Royal Revolt 2.

Changelog Edit

PvE Dungeon Edit

The Dungeon contains 70 missions. All missions feature a special reward that can be earned once. Once a level has been beaten, it will yield a set amount of gold upon completing it again.

4 New Monster Units Edit

2 New Dungeon Quests Edit

  1. Complete set numbers of Dungeon missions.
  2. Unlock the Ogre, Werewolf and Mummy.

Gold Shield Reworked Edit

  • Added a 3 hour gold shield in the shop.
  • Players get a 3h gold shield offered for free if they lost gold during their last offline period.
  • The Treasure Chamber now always protects a minimum of gold that can’t be stolen by anyone. This amount rises with the chamber’s level.

Leaderboard Bonus Edit

  • Players now get a bonus on their earned medals depending on their leaderboard rank:
    • +5% medals for a rank of 1000 to 501 and +10% medals for a rank of 500 or better.
  • The bonus can be seen in the social menu on the leaderboard card.

Food for Video Edit

Replaced Facebook invite system with an option to watch a video for the amount of food needed for one battle (iOS and Android only).

Other Edit

  • Players can now attack another player 3 times per hour.
  • Added color gradient for troops, towers and barricades to represent their strength (bright to dark / weak to strong).
  • The player gets a message in the battle report if there is a gold shield active.
  • Entering the attack history directly from the battle report now only shows the attacks since the last login and includes a time stamp. However, older attacks can still be seen when players enter the attack history via the social menu. It also shows if your gold was protected.
  • The Castle Gate level is now a requirement to upgrade the Treasure Chamber.
  • When an obstacle or tower is placed into the inventory, a message is shown.
  • Various improvements, polishing and bug fixes.