Here is what’s new:

X-Mas Environment: Spread some Christmas cheer with the a landscape. Free for all players! 

Increased the following max levels:


  • Knight +2
  • Paladin +1
  • Froster +1
  • Arblaster +1
  • Mortar +1
  • Cannon +1


  • Arrow Tower +1
  • Spike Trap +1
  • Barricade +1
  • Frost Tower +1


  • Firestorm +1
  • Swordrain +1
  • Shield +2


  • Alliance +5

General Balance Changes:

  • Werewolf Buffs: Removed poison weakness, increased damage vs. obstacles, increased base hitpoints, changed AI behavior so that the Werewolf now also targets traps
  • Mummy Nerf: Reduced hitpoints (during defense only!)
  • Shield Spell Buff: Increased scaling of the shield’s “hitpoints”. You now get more shield points per level
  • Time Warp Scroll Nerf: Increased Pearl cost and cooldown. Reduced the duration. The in-game timer now runs more slowly instead of stopping completely when using this scroll

Dungeon Changes:

  • Adjusted difficulty of some levels

Please note that this version also includes the new Elite Boost feature.