Here is what’s new for 1.7.0:

- Become Alliance General to help manage your Alliance:

  1. To promote a regular member to General, click on your Alliance's member list and open the info card of the player you want to promote. Click on "promote" to make a regular member General. You can  also demote them later.
  2. Generals can: Invite other players into an Alliance, approve or disapprove applications, kick other members of lower rank, upgrade the Alliance, activate and upgrade Elite Boosts using Alliance gold.
  3. You can have as many generals as you want.

- Support your Alliance through new ways of donating:

  1. Players can now skip the donation cooldown using gems.

- Bugfixes:

  1. Fixed a bug where players would sometimes not receive rewards after battle.

- Other:

  1. Alliance max member number increased to 55.
  2. Implemented countermeasures to prevent in-game gem transfers.

- Elite boosts changes:

  1. Elite knights are much weaker now (video test)