New: Additional War Rewards for all players!

  • Starting with the upcoming war-season, players will get rewarded individually for their efforts in war-seasons. Players win Magic Chests for reaching certain amounts of skulls in a War-Season. 
  • Every skull that is won by a player and that counts for a war result is added up and taken into account for the individual rewards (i.e. the best three battles per war and additionally all bonus skulls count).
  • Magic Chests stack in the inventory and can be opened at any time.
  • Magic Chests have different qualities which mainly influence the number and quality of rewards. 
  • The rewards in such chests include Gems, Hero Items, Food, Gold, Vouchers and Pearls.

New: Skull Bonus in Alliance Wars

From now on, every skull that is won within a war-season counts and increases the chances to be placed among the winners of that season. 

  • If your Alliance fights hard to win a war, but in the end the other Alliance wins, your Alliance still has reached something meaningful, because in the upcoming wars of that season your Alliance will have an increased Skull-Bonus.
    • Each war that ends within a season increases the new Skull-Bonus-Pool by 1%.
    • Each time a war is started, each Alliance gets a certain share of that Skull-Bonus-Pool.  
    • The more skulls an Alliance has won in wars they have lost in the end, the bigger the share they will get from the Skull-Bonus-Pool.
    • Example: Alliance A & Alliance B have both lost their initial wars in the season. Alliance A has scored 25.000 skulls and Alliance B has scored 75.000 skulls. The Skull-Bonus-Pool is 2% because 2 wars were finished. Alliance A and Alliance B both start new wars. Alliance A now gets 25% of the Skull-Bonus-Pool and Alliance B gets the 75% of the Skull-Bonus-Pool. In total Alliance A has a Skull Bonus of 2,5% (2% normal bonus + 0,5% from the Skull-Bonus-Pool) and Alliance B has a Skull Bonus of 3,5% (2% normal bonus + 1,5% from the Skull-Bonus-Pool).
  • This means: Every Skull counts. Either your Alliance wins a war or the chance of your Alliance to win the next wars is improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Raging Wolf howl didn’t affect all units in range.
  • Fixed: Frenzy Frost Blaster didn’t heal all units in range.
  • Fixed: Dungeon crashed on several Windows Phone devices.
  • Fixed several smaller issues.