The War Champions and War Shields add a new tactical layer to Alliance Wars.


War ShieldsEdit

For each Alliance War the Leader and Generals can grant Shields to members of their alliance. This helps alliances to protect Kings with weaker defenses.

A shield will reduce the amount of skulls that this player can lose per battle within one war by a certain percentage. Shields work from the moment they are activated, so make sure to activate them as soon as a war starts to have the best benefit.

The amount of shields you can grant increases with your alliance level. You can grant up to five shields:

Alliance Level Required Shield Available
10 LittleShield 1
17 LittleShield 2
24 LittleShield 3
31 LittleShield 4
38 LittleShield 5
45 LittleShield 6


LittleShield 7
55 LittleShield 8

Activating shields costs alliance gold.

The price of shields increases with the number of shields you activate per war. But the more shields you activate, the stronger the shield gets for all of your shielded players within this war.


War ChampionsEdit

Alliance Leaders and Generals can also name War Champions for each Alliance War. This allows the strongest Kings of an Alliance to support their team even more and collect more skulls by fighting 10 additional battles.

A champion will earn an additional percentage of skulls per battle within one war. This bonus works from the moment the champion was assigned, so make sure to assign the champion as soon as war starts.

The amount of champions you can assign increases with your alliance level. You can assign up to five champions.

Alliance Level Required Champion Available
5 LittleChampion 1
12 LittleChampion 2
19 LittleChampion 3
26 LittleChampion 4
33 LittleChampion 5
40 LittleChampion 6
47 LittleChampion 7
53 LittleChampion 8

Assigning champions costs alliance gold.

The price of champions increases with the number of champions you activate per war. But the more champions you activate, the higher the bonus skulls get for all your champions within this war.


Champions Cost (Max Alliance Level)Edit

Champions Activated CostChampion 50% CostChampionDefault 100% (Default) CostChampionRed 150%
Gold Required
LittleChampion 1 Gold 520.000 Gold 1.040.000 Gold
LittleChampion 2 Gold 840.000 Gold 1.680.000 Gold
LittleChampion 3 Gold 1.200.000 Gold 2.400.000 Gold
LittleChampion 4 Gold 1.600.000 Gold 3.200.000 Gold
LittleChampion 5 Gold 2.210.000 Gold 4.420.000 Gold
LittleChampion 6 Gold 2.880.000 Gold 5.760.000 Gold
LittleChampion 7 Gold 3.420.000 Gold 6.840.000 Gold
LittleChampion 8 Gold 4.000.000 Gold 8.000.000 Gold

Shields Cost (Max Alliance Level)Edit

Shields Activated CostShieldGreen 50% CostShieldDefault 100% (Default) CostShield 150%
Gold Required
LittleShield 1 Gold 260.000 Gold 520.000 Gold
LittleShield 2 Gold 420.000 Gold 840.000 Gold
LittleShield 3 Gold 600.000 Gold 1.200.000 Gold
LittleShield 4 Gold 800.000 Gold 1.600.000 Gold
LittleShield 5 Gold 1.105.000 Gold 2.210.000 Gold
LittleShield 6 Gold 1.440.000 Gold 2.880.000 Gold
LittleShield 7 Gold 1.710.000 Gold 3.420.000 Gold
LittleShield 8 Gold 2.000.000 Gold 4.000.000 Gold