Worker slot

Example of 3 workers unavailable to work.

Workers are used to construct new buildings, towers, barricades or traps or to upgrade existing ones. They're also needed to dig tunnels in the dungeon.


Players start the game with two workers and can purchase additional ones by spending gems or buying special packages. As a resource, workers cannot be attacked or lost.

You can have a maximum of 20 workers total, as of Version 3.9.2. By this maximum, you can theoretically have all the castle structures (tavern, farm, troop academy, throne room, etc.) being upgraded simultaneously.

Worker Cost Voucher Bazaar
3rd Gem 500 IconVoucher 2.5K
4th Gem 1K IconVoucher 5K
5th Gem 1.5K IconVoucher 7.5K
6th Gem 2K IconVoucher 10K
7th Gem 3K IconVoucher 15K
8th Gem 4K IconVoucher 20K
9th Gem 5K IconVoucher 25K
10th Gem 6K IconVoucher 30K
11th GemIconVoucher 35K
12th GemIconVoucher 40K
13th GemIconVoucher 45K
14th Gem 10K IconVoucher 50K
15th Gem 11K IconVoucher 55K
16th Gem 12K IconVoucher 60K
17th Gem 13K IconVoucher 65K
18th Gem 14K IconVoucher 70K
19th Gem 15K IconVoucher 75K
20th Gem 16K IconVoucher 80K

Every time you want to upgrade, dig, or build something, you need to assign a free worker for construction. As soon as you complete the job, the worker becomes free again, and can be assigned to a new job. Until then, the worker is unavailable and can only be freed up by completing the job, which can be finished instantly by spending gems.

The most efficient method to obtain workers at the least cost is through Offer Packages, with workers varying from +1 to +4 for heavily discounted gem prices. You can also buy workers at a 20% lower price during Events such as 'Boost Your Defense' or 'Boost Your Castle'.



Bug; workers always appear on the bottom left part of the player's map.

As of Version 3.9.2 and previous versions, a group of workers always appear on the bottom left of the player's map. This is possibly a development side-effect of the global "hammering" sound bite that is present when a player has at least one worker upgrading a building.